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For less than € 10: Cindy Crawford: Use this beauty treatment for her youthful skin

Youthful appearance and radiant skin thanks to a simple dry brush: Supermodel Cindy Crawford has revealed her secret against aging.

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There are women who do not believe in their age. When they discover their date of birth, they only cause envious wonder. Among them is supermodel Cindy Crawford (53). There are also over 50 beauties with amazing charisma. Her youthful and firm skin plays an important role. However, you will not believe how simple the secret behind it is: Cindy Crawford uses a beauty tool in everyday care that costs as little as € 12.

Dry brush – not expensive but priceless for beauty

It is always exciting to learn the secrets of the beauty of stars and celebrities. When we admire their elegance and perfect skin, we doubt the use of incredibly expensive products. But it doesn't have to be that way. Cindy Crawford The secret weapon for soft and youthful skin is a simple dry brushwe can all afford each other. At Amazon, suitable models are already available for under ten euros – so the form of money is not this form of gentle care.

Dry brush massage: this is how it works

The runway beauty is now 53 – but no one is looking at her. Her radiant skin reveals that her skin care routine pays off: simple Dry brush made of wood and natural bristles Cindy Crawford massages her entire skin regularly. Before or during the shower, massage is especially effective. So both Enhanced skin circulationt, as above A layer of skin released from dead cells.

The results speak for themselves – Cindy Crawford has been delighting us with sequins like fresh and small pine for years.

This is how the massage works with a dry brush

The beauty tool helps not only the beauty and glow of the skin, removing dry skin cells gently but thoroughly and The folds are reduced be. It can do more. It works even deeper with the circular movements during brushing, stimulating them better blood circulation and with that they can support various bodily processes. If used regularly, a brush can help Reduction of circulation fluctuations and normalization of blood pressure.

A big plus for your beauty: with a massage, you can tighten connective tissue, fight water retention under the skin and make it even Prevent cellulite.

With this special massage you can save lives – you should master them.

Easy to use for any day

With all these benefits, you should also consider using a body brush in your beauty routine. The application is simple, but the effect is even greater. Plus, you can do almost nothing wrong with your massage! You should always massage your heart, start with your legs and arms, and avoid any area of ​​your body.

By the way, dry brushing is most appropriate as a ritual in the morning. If it's you Wash in warm water beforehand Put on – the seller's recommendation – the bristles are softer and you don't risk scratches on the skin.

With a dry brush can you Simply remove stress, fatigue and signs of aging – a small spa for the home. You can buy a dry brush here!

Prevent skin aging with a dry brush

It's not magic, but if you regularly remove dead skin cells and skin impurities, it results as if by itself a younger complexion, The Cindy Crawford Trick delivers compelling and visible results. By the way, the dry-brushing technique goes back to the famous naturopath and water pope Sebastian Kneipp, who reproduced it in the mid-19th century. Obviously, it was used before in monasteries. The long handle allows you to easily exfoliate and massage your entire body – and you don't need any other products.

After brushing you could – just like Cindy Crawford – complete your cosmetic treatment with a nourishing and rich oil. The model should swear with sesame oil from Neutrogena. This lubricating oil is best massaged into the skin in a circular motion to keep it supple.

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