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Preliminary Report: 1. FC Kaiserslautern – Hansa Rostock

The international break is over as 1st FC Kaiserslautern against Hans Rostock is the penultimate home game of the year on the program. The Red Devils want to recharge after a sense of accomplishment against Uerdingen – as they did last year a year ago.

Will the Red Devils finally stop talking about winning the second league in a row? As of October 2018 1. FC Kaiserslautern in League 3 failed two "threes". Then came a 2-0 win over Uerdingen with a 2-1 win over Aalen. Now it was a win against Uerdingen again – what's next on Sunday (start: 1pm) against Hans Rostock?

Which can lead to a whole host of undefeated games, demonstrated in the months of September and October, to opponents of the Baltic Sea. With success, FCK could not only move away from the relegation zone, but also improve their disastrous home record in the 3rd League.

What do you need to know about the 16th match of the match? The most important preliminary information here is:

FCK: Starting position and staff

The situation for the Red Devils as the 16th table is still threatening, but recently there was a glimmer of hope: Away match against Uerdingen, as Boris Schommers team was clearly superior to the opponent and earned a 3-0 win. This dominance and playful approaches must be the goal in a home game against Rostock. Even a narrow but successful penalty win at the Pirmasense Association Cup should not have lost confidence.

FCK's Schommers coach is still open about whether the winning team from Uerdingen will regain confidence. No major changes are expected in the initial formation. The FCK staff can fully retire, with only two backup goalkeepers Avdo Spahic and Lorenz Otto not yet able. That's why 18-year-old Jonas Weyand will also sit on the bench against Rostock.

Opponent: Initial position and staff

Hansa Rostock had a great ride until early November. A strong 18 points from eight games were brought in by Jens Härtel's team and he enrolled after initial difficulties at the top of the table. Two defeats in the last two league games (1-3 in Jena, 1-2 against Duisburg) have forced Kogge to collapse a bit, but the series mentioned shows the potential of this year's FCH team. In the international intermission, Rostock won the combined cup 5-0 in the sixth-ranked TSV Bützow and advanced to the quarterfinals.

At Kaiserslautern, however, coach Hanse Hartel has to deal with a setback that should hit his team hard. Veteran Kai Bülow suffered a partial rupture of the inner ligament in his right knee two weeks ago against Duisburg and is long out.

Previous duels

In the last ten years, Hansa has only been to Kaiserslautern twice. In April 2010, the Hanesian city won the Bundesliga 1-0 and moved FCK so that the promotional party had believed for several days. This year at Easter, FCH won the league lower 2-0 and again secured a hangover on the bet.

information fan

FCK is expecting around 17,000 spectators for the home game against Rostock. Just over 1000 followers will loudly support the Rostockers in the guest block.

O tones

FCK coach Boris Schommers: "I would like to bring our positive trend and newfound confidence to the field. The team is motivated and hot in the game.

Hansa-coach Jens Härtel: "Great stadium, great atmosphere. This is going to be an intense game and we can prepare for a lot."

Facts and Figures

referee: Daniel Schlager (Hügelsheim)

Expected ads

1. FC Kaiserslautern: Barbecue – Schad, Kraus, Hainault, Hercher – Cold Weather, Bachmann, Sickinger, Zuck – Pick, Thiele

missing: Esmel (cruciate ligament rupture), Hemlein, Jonjic, miner (everyone in U21), Otto (muscular problems), Spahic (bleeding from the thigh), Spalvis (cartilage damage), Sternberg (Kniereizung)

about 45-60 minutes before launch on our Twitter page: Final Rankings.

Hansa Rostock: Kolke – Ahlschwede, Sonnenberg, Riedel, Neidhart – Nartey, Pepic – Opoku, Vollmann, Omladic – Breier

missing: Atilgan (adductor problems), Bülow (partial rupture in the right knee), Engelhardt (ligament cross tear)

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author: Flo