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Gemma Collins wants to become a mother before her 40th birthday

Gemma Collins, 38, has very precise plans! It was only in October this year that the British TV lady caused a surprise: With a strict diet, they needed to lose twenty pounds! But that's not enough – in one interview, Beauty has now revealed the next planned milestone with her partner James Argent (31): The "The only way is Essex"The actress wants to see her offspring before her 40th birthday!

To fulfill her wish, the former candidate for the British edition of Dancing on Ice has even hired medical experts in London to help her become pregnant: "I have people on Harley Street who fix things. When I'm ready, I have a kid – and I'll like it."divided bud in Daily mail The 38-year-old has sworn to become a mother within the next two years. Before that, however, the blonde and her partner still wanted to make a vow and lose the extra pounds.

However, the TV star did not reveal the exact pregnancy plan. But it won't take too long: "Gemma and Arg are both happier than ever before and finally feel like they can plan their future together," the insider said Sun.

Gemma Collins in July 2019Getty ImagesPicture gallery button
Gemma Collins in July 2019
December 2018 Gemma CollinsGetty Images

December 2018 Gemma Collins
James Argent and Gemma Collins in November 2017Getty Images

James Argent and Gemma Collins in November 2017

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