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German TV star cool on a bike – Do you recognize a woman?

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An unusual photo of a German TV star on a bicycle in the sun: Do you recognize a woman who disguised herself with sunglasses right off the bat?

  • The ZDF Television Garden is currently a winter break.
  • Andrea Kiewel uses the time for the holidays.
  • The photo probably shows her in Tel Aviv – after all, this is her favorite city.

Berlin – Sunglasses, loose hair and a big smile on your face: The German TV star casually shows off his bike in the sun. Do you recognize a blond woman right now?

It's about Andrea Kiewel, The exhibitor is obviously traveling. Certainly, it can, after all, be moderated by the ZDF television garden, currently a winter break.

Andrea Kiewel on vacation: "Kiwi sends you greetings from the sun"

"There is no sleigh but Santa Claus is red! Kiwi sends you greetings from the sun," she writes on her official TV Garden Instagram account. Where the photograph was taken is not clear. However, it is likely that this is the case Israel or Tel Aviv is. This is indicated not only by writing in a post alongside Andre Kiewel. But also remarks from the past.

"The city is upbeat, cheerful, loud, unpredictable, never boring," Kiewel enthused several years ago compared to picture about her favorite destination. "If Tel Aviv were human, it would be the love of my life." He goes on to say, "You can't eat better anywhere and you don't go out better than in Tel Aviv." In that regard, chances are that they now have their winter vacation spent there.

Fans Are Happy About Andrea Kiewel: "Just Enjoy"

Fans are happy that Kiewel can draw some power in the distance. "I wish you a nice holiday," "Just enjoy yourself" and "I wish you a wonderful time," he writes in the comments. And when asked what the followers are doing, he also says, "They wait for it to warm up again when they bring Kiwi back to the TV garden."

Does Andrea Kiewel's sun also help to forget the rather humorous moments of the ZDF Garden TV season around Luke Mockridge? This is desirable.