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Health: Bavarian HIV Test Week Starts – Health Minister Advocates Strict AIDS Protection

Bavarian Health Minister Melanie Huml has called on especially young people for consistent protection against AIDS against immunodeficiency disease.

BAYERN Huml emphasized on Friday, November 22, the start of the Bavarian HIV Test Week on November 25: "It is important to protect yourself from HI infection. Although AIDS is now being treated but still not curable. The risk of HIV infection should therefore not be underestimated. In the 20-35 age group, the infection rate is particularly high. "

According to the Robert Koch Institute, about 290 people in Bavaria recently became infected with the HI virus in 2018. Some 240 men and 45 women are among them. RKI estimates that in 2018, about 35 people in Bavaria were less infected with the HI virus than in the previous year. In Bavaria, more than 11,800 people (about 9,400 men and 2,400 women) were living with HIV at the end of 2018 – but about 1,300 of them did not have a proper diagnosis. Overall, the number of people living in Bavaria in the last 15 years has more than doubled. This is mainly because of the better workability of the infection.

Ahead of World AIDS Day on December 1st, Huml said: "Although the number of new HIV infections in Bavaria has decreased slightly compared to the previous year, the total number of people living with HIV is still increasing. Therefore, there is no reason to everything is clear in the fight against Aids immunodeficiency syndrome. Consistent protection against infection is still needed. "Huml, who is a licensed doctor, explained," Years can often go between being infected with HI and being diagnosed with a doctor. that they are not even aware of it. It is therefore very important to test yourself. Only those who know in a timely manner that they have become infected can protect themselves and others. "

According to experts, about 30 percent of people who transmit HIV will not be aware of AIDS until they have advanced immune deficiency or are diagnosed with the disease. Huml explained, "If you make a late diagnosis, your chances of treating immunodeficiency syndrome are less favorable. Of course, the risk of transmitting an infection is increasing. That is why the Bavarian Ministry of Health is committed to combating the spread of HIV. Only in the current budget have we secured € 3.7 million. "

The Minister also referred to the successful information campaign of the Ministry of Sexually Transmitted Diseases (STI), which reached many young people from June to October. The campaign under the hashtag #STIauftour was specifically targeted at young people between the ages of 17 and 25. For example, through social networks like YouTube and Instagram, it has been clarified how to protect yourself, for example, from AIDS or syphilis. Seven influences on the Internet are also included.

The Bavarian HIV Test Week 2019 takes place from November 25 to December 1 with numerous events and events across Bavaria. Health authorities, AIDS counseling centers and aids in Bavaria offer under the motto "test it now!" Additional exam facilities and various information and education campaigns. They can be found on the Internet at The week of HIV testing is coordinated by the Bavarian Center for Health Prevention and Promotion (ZPG) at the Bavarian State Office for Food Health and Safety (LGL). During the 2018 test week, the LGL lab conducted HIV testing on a total of 942 samples, including one positive. In addition, quick tests can be performed at many counseling centers or at your family doctor. In the previous year, there were 1103 HIV tests, three of which were positive.