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Household rice versatile usable – view

Rice as an air freshener

Rice extracts moisture from the air. At the same time, rice absorbs and smells good. This makes it perfect as an air freshener. Mix raw rice with some essential oil. Use about 15 to 20 drops of oil per cup of rice, slightly more or less, depending on your taste. Put the rice and oil in a saucepan and cover with a piece of cloth to bind with an eraser. The tank can be used anywhere. Rice should be replaced after about two weeks.

Rice in heat packaging

In the winter, the heat pad is our best friend. You can easily do it yourself with rice. To do this, stuff your rice with a pillowcase or an old cotton sock. In the microwave, the pillow heats up in one to two minutes.

Rice as a cleaning agent

Vases or bottles with thin necks are nice pieces of decoration, but cleaning them is difficult. This is where rice is played. It works much like a scout. Put a little grain of rice, some soap and some water in the vase. Now it is enough to put your hand on the opening and shake the container.

Rice water after gastrointestinal flu

It is very easy to make rice water: put rice in water for about 2 days. It releases starch and other good substances into water. Starch helps restore intestinal flora after severe gastrointestinal flu or diarrhea. It also protects mucous membranes in the gastrointestinal tract.

Rice water against acne

Rice contains folic acid. The substance has an anti-inflammatory effect in the body, and is also released from rice into water. Therefore, rice water is given acne relief. It is best to put some water on a cotton pad and grease the affected areas in the morning and evening.

Rice water as hair care

Rice can also be used as a hair conditioner because of its minerals and antioxidants. Acidity develops best when rice is soaked for two days. This will strengthen your hair and give it a natural shine. Rice water is used as a hair conditioner. It is important that you rinse it well. Incidentally, rinsing not only cares for the hair, but also promotes hair growth.

Rice water against hangover

And something should be in the rice water condition: hangover help. Water restores the balance of salt in the body to balance and promotes digestion.