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How do I pick up cake chips? – 2019

The fruit on the fruit's body looks great to discard and in front of your eyes a picture of a perfect fruit pie. Since you have never made a cake, you will attack before you take a few pounds of this fruit and go to the supermarket where the pie crust is waiting. But the recipe you need requires a specific pie plate and as you see yours, the questions begin.

How do I pick up cake chips? - 2019 2

Certification: jenifoto / iStock / GettyImages How to measure pie plates

Whether you make a pudding or pies, a quiche or a sour, the ingredients expand as they cook. The cooking time of a recipe is based on the amount of food in a particular food size. For a perfect cake, measure the diameter and depth of your cake plate. Knowing the volume also helps with cooking.


Measure the cake plate from an inner edge over the middle to the inner edge of the opposite side. Now you have the size of the cake plate. A typical 8 to 9 inch cake plate results in a uniformly baked crust and a fully cooked filling. A wet soil may be due to a larger panoramic cake. If the tip is wavy, always measure from the inner edge to the inner edge.


Use the same technique to measure pans, pies, cakes and casseroles.

Place the bamboo straw over the plate from side to side. Take the ruler and measure from the middle of the bowl to the bottom of the skewer. If the measure is 1 1/2 to 2 inches, you have a deep dish plate and the baking time should be adjusted to a greater intensity.

To measure the capacity of the bowl, fill the measuring vessel to a predetermined level with water and pour it into the bowl. Add water. When the bowl is full you know its ability.


Use the wrong size to set the cooking time. A smaller diameter means that the depth increases and the cooking time is longer. Check the cooking status by touching the center of the pie filling after cooking for the time specified in the recipe. If it rumbles slightly, it does. If not, extend the cooking time to 3 minutes until the waist is over.

A larger pan shortens cooking time as the filling fills a larger but poorer space. Shorten the set time by 10 minutes. Start the test when the time runs out and extend the cooking time by two minutes until done.