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How much space for the solarium?

Before buying a solarium, it is important to examine your living room. There are many factors to consider that may affect the installation or possibly obstruct the installation altogether. Depending on the type of bed selected, it may need to be rearranged or even refurbished before purchase.

How much space for the solarium? 2

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The sun beds are very large, regardless of the brand and model. Most regular beds are between 7 and 8 feet in length and have a width of between 32 and 46 inches. Know the exact dimensions of your selected bed before making your purchase. Try to allow at least 12 inches of extra space at each end of the bed. This means you will probably need about 10 feet to get your bed outdoors.

Examine the height of the bed before placing the page on the wall. Most beds are smaller than 36 inches when closed, but need more than 5 feet from the top to fully open the bed. This also means that additional space must be allowed between the wall and the hinge side to take account of this setting. Shoot for 24 to 30 inches.

Standing beds require much less space. They usually stand 7 feet high, but occupy only about 4 feet of floor space in each direction. In addition, the doors are usually open outwards, so you only need a little extra space.

Note the exact dimensions of your bed before buying.

Further thoughts

Tanning beds also require a lot of power in power. A three-pin output is required and it is important that the power source is secure. The amount of energy consumed by the bed can disrupt other outputs of the circuit and is known to cause blown fuses and a short circuit of other devices. Make sure the power source is extremely smooth to avoid flickering. You also expect that this increase in electricity will be reflected in your monthly bill.

You are well aware of the possibility of fire. In addition to high energy consumption, the bed itself is exposed to extreme temperatures. Keep all flammable objects away from the solarium.

It is advisable to place a kind of plastic mattress under the bed to protect the carpets and hard floors from possible heat damage.


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