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How to Save a Lemon Meringue Pie |

A meringue lemon cake is a showstopper, but its greatness is usually short lived. If you prepare this spicy dessert, even a few hours before serving, you risk a soup that is shrunken, itchy and hard and not light, airy and fresh. Cakes are simply the best when freshly made.

How to Save a Lemon Meringue Pie | 2

credit: cobraphoto / iStock / GettyImages How to save a meringue pie

If you find yourself with leftovers, it's not a completely lost cause. Holding a meringue pie requires strategies that begin with preparation. A cake purchased can also be stored successfully. However, do not wait to compare the saved version with fresh ones.

scream when the meringue consists of white meringue, when the meringue and overlay is very cold, or when the meringue is made with old eggs or when it is turned. The meringue shouts more easily when it cools, as the atmosphere releases moisture. A humid climate accelerates the meringue's failure.

Keep your cake intact by adding the meringue as close as possible to the serving time. Avoid freezing it if you don't store it all night or more.

One way to store the cake is to bake the peel and fill and store this unfinished cake in the fridge or freezer. Prepare the cooked meringue separately from the cake and add it just before serving.

This process creates a more stable surface and is easier to do than you think. Just mix egg whites and sugar in double cook over medium heat. Once the mixture is warm, remove from the heat. Add the tartar to give the meringue more strength and durability and hit on rigid, glossy edges.


When the edges turn from glossy to dull, it is likely that the meringue has a meringue over the baked pate to touch each edge of the bark.


Add only one or two teaspoons of sweet corn to the meringue mixture when heated in a water bath. Corn starch helps absorb some moisture and avoids crying even when the cake is stored.

Boil the cake under the chicken for a minute or two with the pre-cooked meringue to get a toasted brown finish.


Baked meringue cake can be added before adding the coating

up to three months to freeze. Simply wrap the cooked cake, which is still in the box, in several layers of frozen paper and set it flat. Remove the package and let it thaw before adding the pillow. The meringue must also cool completely before adding. Both the filling and the coating must be at room temperature. The warm coating on a cold filling tends to form a small water tank between the layers so that the meringue can slip when cutting the cake. The meringue pie with lemon coated does not freeze well. The texture of the meringue changes during freezing and thawing – and not for the better. However, if you do not mind using a tiny lid and a meringue meringue, you can wrap the cake tightly on frozen paper and freeze it for up to three months.

The rest of the cake will stay in the fridge better, but you will still notice a change in the meringue texture. Cool the cake completely before storing. Cement the cake loose with the leaf – never plastic wrap, which promotes moisture development. The residues are kept for about three days.