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In which hand do women wear a watch?

While wedding rings are traditionally worn on the left hand, there is no similar tradition for watches. Both men and women wear wrist watches that are more comfortable, often based on the dominant hand. But sometimes the function takes a different part – if you want to charge bracelets on the one hand and wear your watch as a fashion statement on the other, there are many precedents for that.

In which hand do women wear a watch? 2

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Because 70 percent to 95 percent of people are right-handed and deal with the dominant hand, which is loaded with jewelry, it can be difficult to see left wrist watches. Clocks are also made for most people, making it easier for right-handed people to look at a clock face on their left wrist – numbers and other features are made to look right-handed. The controls work better and are easier to wrap.

The left-handers seem to carry their watches in both hands. Some say it is easier to fix their watches in the right hand and jewelry does not disrupt work. On the other hand, others are collapsing: President Barack Obama, left-handed, and right-wing Jessica Simpson, both have been photographed wearing watches on their dominant wrists.

However, watchmakers have recognized the needs of the left-handers: MB&F has made a $ 84,000 watch, the ReBel – right hand, black case – designed to be worn on the right and vice versa, making it easy for the left hand to adjust and see. Of course, it's both fashionable and fashionable, since only 18 pieces are produced.

With so many watches, from big bracelets to elegant classics, pink gold ribbons, plastic leather or neon, square faces, large circles with multiple devices and features, there is no law or left to answer which fruit you can wear. Let yourself be guided by your comfort, comfort and preference.