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Leather Shoe Label – 2019

Although its origins date back to the early 18th century, leather leather shoes spent many decades on the back of lost boxes. They seemed to be designed to be durable, reliable, but boring shoes. Lately, though, they seem to have made a wonderful comeback. Everywhere you see women with pride wearing leather. Patent skins are great because they are versatile – they can be fitted or take off and are suitable all year long. Here are some guidelines for using patent leather:

Leather Shoe Label - 2019 2

Leather for winter, summer and everyday life in between

Leather Shoe Label - 2019 3

Today there are leather shoes in all styles and designs. There are leather shoes, pumps, flats and even sandals. Designers have turned patent leather from cold weather shoes into fashionable footwear for all weather conditions.

Patents for everyday use

Leather Shoe Label - 2019 4

Previously, patent leather was intended for formal, indefinable occasions – today it is worn in a simple place such as a supermarket. The patent leather pumps are perfect for displaying a boring trouser suit, moving to the office, or a night out on the town – flexibility is second to none – not just the shoemaker who has forced you to wear Easter lingerie.


Leather Shoe Label - 2019 5

Leather shoes give shine and charm. You can enjoy another simple set. However, there is something very glamorous about adding shiny flickering shoes to an outfit that is already strong and puts it a little thicker. Be careful when it comes to accessories – there are times when the extra glossy leather gloves exaggerate and minimize the beauty of the outfit. If you do not want to do without patent leather, then go with a patent leather. A sandal delivers the right level of complexity without over-shine. Men, on the other hand, have the green light when mixing leathers with formal wear.


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While black glaze is the most customizable color, Style Phyle stylists suggest you try other colors. For example, green, yellow and even pink shoes not only add shine, but also a color that illuminates and illuminates an otherwise slim outfit.

Pair of patent leather with other fabrics

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When done correctly, the patent can complement other fabrics such as suede and leather to give your wardrobe a funk and variety. Don't be afraid to experiment and experiment a little.

Keep in mind the old adage: less is more. Expression also applies in the fashion world. If in doubt, skip it.