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Market Check with Advent Calendars 2019: 360 percent more expensive! Are Christmas calendars purely religious?

Pre-Christmas time without an Advent calendar? Unthinkable! Countless calendars are waiting for the consumer. The classic chocolate Advent calendar has long been weighed down by spices, jewelry, toys, alcohol and even sex toys. Manufacturers provide themselves with a bitter bay for the benefit of customers. But hit stars like Beatrice Egli are also waiting for their own Advent calendar this year.

Mineral oil pollution, poor price-performance ratio and Co. 2019 Advent calendar in the test

In recent years, both food Watch likewise Öquest on many chocolate advent calendars involves the burden of potentially cancerous mineral oil residues, Those who do not want to be at risk should probably opt for a chocolate-free alternative. But the choice is not easy! Orientation is provided by some creatives who unpack and rate numerous Advent calendars for their followers before December 1st. Thus dropped the EMP Advent calendar with a price of 70 euros to YouTuberin Mallow freezing cold. The main reason is the price / performance ratio.

"Market Check": These Advent calendars are purely rialite

Experts at SWR Magazine Marktcheck also checked some Advent calendars for their content. Is it worth the purchase? Marktcheck experts find that in extreme cases, customers pay almost five times more for Schoko Advent calendars than for the same amount of merchandise in regular packaging. Customers even calculated this quickly. However, in chocolate-free Advent calendars, the bill is complex, and some Advent calendars convert from over 100 euros. But are they worth their money at all?

Can't see "Market Check" video? Then here.

Advent calendars of Maybelline, My Muesli and Kneipp in "Marktcheck"

Market Check has calculated on some calendars. The Kneipp Advent Calendar costs € 49.99. The value of the goods according to SWR experts is only 31.55 euros. Different from my Muesli: The Advent calendar costs € 49.90. However, the consumer gets a musli worth 67.86 euros. Also the Advent calendar of cosmetics manufacturers Maybelline convinced the saws. It costs just under 40 euros. The value of goods is significantly higher. 18 original size makeup products and three sample sizes and accessories have a value of € 91.95.

360 percent price increase! Milka and Lindt are good at it

Along with chocolate Advent calendars, there are a seemingly endless number of products. Some manufacturers even offer several calendars with their products. According to Marktcheck herself, Milka has eight different ones, and there are as many as 26 different Lindt advent calendars. "Marktcheck" comes down to a sobering result in a price and performance test. Lindt beat the Edelbitter calendar with only 222 percent of the price premium. According to the manufacturer, the price premium is mainly due to the package. "In addition, Advent calendars are manually populated and sealed," Marktcheck quoted in a Lindt statement.

Milka can handle the price well. The tower-shaped calendar tops 360 percent. "In particular, the process of producing Advent calendars, such as the Milka 3D Advent calendar in the form of a home, is much more complex and therefore more expensive," says Milka.Die packaging is therefore to blame for the high cost, They need their own plastic mold, They need their own printing , they have a stamping stamp, which means they have to be able to customize everything for themselves – and this then increases costs, "says packaging expert Sebastian Klaus.

Consumer tip: For many calendars, products are listed. This makes it easier for the buyer to calculate if the price / performance ratio is right. In addition, many calendars were significantly discounted in the early days of December.

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