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Medical care in the district should be even better

Lower Allgäu is applying for the title Health Region Plus, which aims to improve medical care. Not all county councils are behind it.

It has made Unterallgäu feel like Kneippland for many years and a health region. Now, however, the district wants – if the city Memmingen also participates – officially in the Bavarian Ministry of Health to promote the title "health region plus". This was decided by the district board members at their last meeting after a long discussion.

The concept of health regions has been around since 2015. It should help further improve medical care and prevention in the Free State. In particular, it is about building a network of local policy representatives and all those who play a role in local health care and prevention – for example, home and specialist doctors, physical therapists or sports clubs. Working groups should think about health promotion, prevention and health care and launch specific projects. To organize and coordinate the network, the Ministry of Health intends to set up an office that will be financed for five years with € 50,000 a year. The remaining staff and material costs, as well as project costs, are borne by the district.

In addition, a health region across Allgäu was not possible

As Maria Bachmaier, the department manager at the district administration, explained at the meeting, there are Bavaria already 50 health regions plus. Six northern Swabian districts have already successfully applied for the title, just that Allgäu still a white stain so far.

Read it now: Today's edition of your e-work newspaper.

Read it now: Today's edition of your e-work newspaper.

This was done by district council groups Christian Social Union and JWU and the Memminger CSU City Council faction are already changing last spring: At the initiative of the deputy Klaus Holetschek they requested that the district be implemented in conjunction with the city of Memmingen as a "health region plus." (Also read: Medical Care Should Be Better) Then the district held discussions with Memmingen and other Allgäu counties and independent cities about creating a common Allgäu health region, led by Allgäu GmbH. However, because the Ministry of Health cannot legally promote Allgäu GmbH, those plans would be shut down in the meantime, said district administrator Hans-Joachim Weirather.

He emphasized that a health-plus region only makes sense if he manages to fill the office of an office manager with an outstanding network associate who can motivate and moderate well. But then "it would be good and worth trying."

County councils warn that the health region plus Lower Allgäu could lead to double structures

Some county councils were less convinced. For example, Rosina Rottmann-Börner (ödp / Citizens for the Environment), Doris Kienle (Greens) and Margot Walser (CSU) warned of double structures. After all, there is already an "Elderly and Mental Health" network that also addresses health and prevention topics. Margot Walser also addressed the already very good offer of lectures on these topics. "I agree, but I don't want to shake off anyone who already has something to offer," she said. Rottmann-Börner, Kienle and also Michael Helfert (SPD) also recalled a reminder from Treasurer Sebastian Seefried to think carefully about voluntary spending against a backdrop of less frugal tax revenue.

In addition, according to Kienle, it is unclear whether the Ministry of Health promotion will continue beyond five years and whether there will be a suitable candidate for the post at all. "We should not reintroduce something new," was her opinion. Michael Helfert lacked the expected cost data and doubted the added value of the new district title. He sees major problems in the primary care field, but he will not solve the plus region as well. Instead, the political framework should change. "Lower Allgäu is a region of health with extraordinary excellence," he emphasized. Reinhold Bäßler (Free Voters) has pledged to support existing offerings and increase resources there.

App support came from Andreas Tschugg (JWU) and Josef Kerler (CSU). Both stressed that they were not known to like to create additional jobs. However, health and care are important issues, Tschugg says. "I'm convinced we will need this in the near future." Kerler sees great potential in the area of ​​prevention. "It might make it unnecessary to see a doctor," he said.

Finally, county councils supported the motion against the votes of Rosina Rottmann-Börner, Doris Kienle and Michael Helfert. Whether Lower Allgäu and the city of Memmingen will become a health region plus is still open. Because new health regions are expected to be promoted again next year. If there are more applications than there is money for the initiative, the Greyhound principle applies, Weirather said. So it makes sense to make a basic decision already.

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