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"No confidence": Alessandro Fiorani solves the problem

Quo vadis Jeunesse? The record-breaking championship is at the bottom of the league, scoring just six points in the last seven games and crashing to seventh place in the BGL Ligue. Tomorrow we have a duel with strong Leader UT Petingen. For Jeunesse defender Alessandro Fiorani, there is a lack of confidence within the team responsible for the negative series.

In fact everything looked like in the summer that Jeunesse could repeat the good 2018/19 season. In the Europa League, the team of new coach Nicolas Huysman convinced himself of a disciplined look and in the Championship met new striking duo Martin Boakye and Yannick Makota (13 goals after seven games). "We have been wondering for weeks why we can't use our potential. At the beginning of the season we didn't defend so well, but we did score goals. Meanwhile, our defensive behavior is better, but we don't meet that often," says Jeunesse defender Alessandro Fiorani.

Defeating 0-3 against Sept. 15 against rival rival Fole set a negative trend, which continues to this day. Jeunesse has only scored five points since that day and crashed on the table. The last three opponents (Etzella, Mühlenbach, Strassen) were not among the best teams. "Honestly, but these are the teams we have to win against. The downward trend started after Fola's game. Not necessarily because it was a derby, but because we lacked a leader like Manu Lapierre, Arsène Menessou or Kevin Sommer in the coming weeks. . It's not so easy to replace such characters, "explains the 30-year-old right-back.

The current shape curve shows parallels to the 2016/17 season. Even then Jeunesse in the Europa League, and even then, the team "boundaries" between the eighth and the 14th game took only five points in seven matches. "The Europa League was such a long time ago and we had time to recover. Other teams did, too. That cannot be an excuse," Fiorani says.

"Huysman has a lot of conversations"

At the end of the mentioned season, a renewed participation in the financially important European Cup was promoted. At the time, coach Carlo Weis was fired, and today Nicolas Huysman is still on duty. Jeunesse president Jean Cazzaro for private reasons declined to comment on the current situation in Jeunesse. The fact is, Huysman currently has the worst average of Coach Jeunesse's points since Waldemar Korycky (2006/07 season).

Fiorani believes the Frenchman still has good relations with the team. "He tightened the bolts again and everyone is backing down. Commitment and the right attitude are not a problem. Nicolas Huysman even has a better relationship with us players than at the beginning of the season.

Jeunesse wants to end against formative Alliance Leader Tito Petingen of all negative series. Tomorrow's opponent was defeated in the Fola Cup, but has not lost in the Championship since September 1st. Still, Fiorani does not want to despair: "I think Petingen is the perfect opponent in our current situation. There is no doubt: they play with Fol and the Progrès, the strongest team in the league, but they also go as favorites in this game. We, however, are free to play and surprise them. "