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Psychotherapy: systemic therapy now uses legal health insurance

Systemic therapy is a new benefit of compulsory health insurance

For adult psychotherapy treatment, systemic therapy will also be available as mandatory health care (SHI) in the future. The Federal Joint Committee (G-BA) finalized the details of the request on Friday and adopted an amendment to the Psychotherapy Directive.

On Friday, the Federal Joint Committee (G-BA) unanimously adopted an amendment to its Psychotherapy Directive. Thus, systemic therapy as a psychotherapy procedure for adults is now a mandatory service of statutory health insurance companies – in addition to previously approved psychoanalytically justified procedures and behavioral therapy.

Systemic therapy for adults

"In outpatient psychotherapy, psychoanalytic-based procedures and behavioral therapy can be used as so-called" Guiding Procedures. ā€¯Monika Lelgemann, an impartial member and chair of the G-BA Psychotherapy Subcommittee, said in a statement.

"In the future, systemic therapy will also be available to adults; details of the range of services are now regulated. We are currently preparing an application to evaluate the benefits of using the procedure in children and adolescents." Lelgemann.

Therapy does not focus on the individual

As explained in the Communication, systemic therapy is a psychotherapy procedure that attaches particular importance to social relationships within a family or mental illness development group.

Therapy accordingly focuses not on the individual, but on interactions between family members and the wider social environment. Among other things, they try to change the relationships that trigger the symptoms or to counteract them with a more functional self-organization of the patient or patient.

According to this information, systemic therapy – like other psychotherapy procedures – can be offered as single or group therapy or as a combination of individual and group therapy. As a specific application of systemic therapy, it will also be possible to establish "multi-person placement".

Appropriate caregivers of the patient or patient are included in the treatment. If necessary, administration of systemic therapy in a multi-subject environment may be combined with administration in single or group therapy.

Trade associations have been pushing for "cashier recognition" for years.

According to a joint press release from the German Society for Systemic Therapy, Counseling and Family Therapy (DGSF) and the Systemic Society (SG), systemic therapy covers a range of mental disorders, and the framework conditions now adopted allow for relatively short treatment times.

"Many people in Germany are waiting for this moment. Today, a very effective and innovative offer has been added to the psychotherapy offer of legal health insurance." Ulrike Borst, SG Chair, G-BA decision.

For years, two DGSF and SG system associations have been calling for "approval" of systemic therapy. The current adaptation of the Directive was quickly implemented within one year.

Proven efficiency

The effectiveness of systemic therapy has been proven for common ailments such as depression and anxiety disorders, but has also proven useful, for example, in the treatment of people with psychosis or patients with multiple disabilities.

The System Society (SG) explains the benefits and effectiveness of systemic therapy. Works:

  • fast because it focuses on strengths, resources and solutions
  • sustainable because it is shown to have a long-term effect
  • also in severe childhood and adolescence disorders (severe social behavior disorders, drug use disorders, eating disorders) and in adults (substance disorders, depression, schizophrenia, mental disorders in somatic diseases such as cancer, diabetes, pain)
  • also with "psychotherapy care stepmothers" such as migrants, chronically mentally ill, elderly and multi-problem families

It also saves healthcare costs by reducing the number of sessions, even over long periods.

Private healthcare companies have been paying for the costs for a year

The request for evaluation benefits the then-impartial G-BA member Dr. Ing. Harald Deisler, according to a news release. This has consequences for policyholders outside the scope of compulsory health insurance.

Registered insured persons can now request assistance from the help desk as well. Private healthcare companies have been paying for the cost of systemic therapy for a year. (AD)

Important note:
This article contains general information only and should not be used for diagnosis or treatment alone. It cannot replace a doctor's visit.