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Replacement for whole grain mustard – 2019

Finding a substitute for the grainy texture, vibrant flavor and sparkling zing of whole grain mustard is no easy task. Whole-grain mustard consists of coarse mustard, spices and wine or vinegar for sour punch. The stronger texture of this mustard gives sandwiches, cold cuts and even salad dressings a bite. If you are looking for a replacement because your case is bald or you are allergic, look for alternatives that offer the same structural and tasty substitutes.

Replacement for whole grain mustard - 2019 2

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Horseradish, a root that you can buy fresh or shaken in some large stores, can serve as a warm substitute. It will not double the taste immediately, but fresh or scratched, sliced ​​or grated versions packed in water will add a natural warmth and smell reminiscent of mustard. Fresh horseradish, grated and mixed with some fresh or sour cream, is easily spread on a sandwich, providing the grainy texture that mustard could provide.

If you do not have whole grains, but no suppliers of mustard, choose a different type of mustard. If using an alternative mustard, note the flavor profile. If the dish benefits from a slightly sweet addition, honey mustard may contain it well.

A pinch of cayenne or maize pepper can double the heat, but not the texture, of whole grain mustard. Use one of these options if the mustard gives food, such as salad dressing or dip to a nice heat, but you don't need the structural boost. Note, however, that these powders have much more heat than many mustaches, and you need to adjust the amount to your taste.