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Schlager: Florian Silbereisen clears all plays – a serious illness!

Due to KLUBBB3 member Jan Smith's illness, Florian Silbereisen must cancel all concerts.

  • All performances by Florian Silbereisen with KLUBBB3 must be canceled
  • The reason is the serious illness of KLUBBB3 member Jan Smite
  • Replacement dates should be announced

Dortmund – Neck pain and scratches. The voice disappears, you barely get more than a high whistle. The whole thing is stopped by a persistent cough – one thing is clear: Laryngitis is very unpleasant for everyone. Worst of all, the disease bothers the singers.

One of them was hit particularly hard: KLUBBB3 member Jan Smith, KLUBBB3, international hit band (These are the biggest hit shows on German television) Florian Silbereisen and Belgian Christoff LeBolle and was founded in 2015.

Jan Smith announced on his Dutch Fanpage that he was ill. "Dear everyone," the singer addresses his fans. "Right now I'm experiencing too much discomfort from physical discomfort. So it's time to decide for me and my health, as much as I regret for all my loyal fans … all scheduled appearances and / or activities are unfortunately canceled." The reason for the cancellation is acute laryngitis.

Big blow, also to his bandmates Florian Silbereisen and Christoff LeBollewho for the time being have to give up their third member.

Florian Silbereisen: Appearance cancellations for KLUBBB3 singer Jan Smith

The stars hit now they have to cancel all other appearances by the end of 2019, Because Jan Smith wants to spare himself and then, in 2020, start fresh and healthy.

What is the best cure for KLUBBB3? His daughter Emma discovers the Dutchman on Instagram. She posts a recording of the family here and writes: "This morning I was awakened by the best and favorite medicine … Emma! She is celebrating her 9th birthday today. We all make a very special day!"

KLUBBB3: Florian Silbereisen's Big Plans for 2020

Because fans – and his bandmates Florian Silbereisen and Christoff LeBolle – can only hope the drug works quickly. Then the three of them can sing and sparkle together again, as it was at their appearance at the "Schlagerbooom 2019" in Dortmund in Westfalenhalle.

The international hit band has released three studio albums so far, "Vorsicht without censorship", "Now is the time to start" and 2018 "We Are More and More". The trio's new and fourth album is scheduled for 2020, according to Florian Silbereisen picture released.

Even at the end of January 2020, KLUBBB3 is scheduled to perform – at the "Winter Open Air" in Bad Kleinkirchheim.

In addition, Florian Silbereisen will celebrate the grand jubilee tour of 2020: from February 7 to May 14, 2020, the hit star will tour Germany and Austria with "Das große Schlagerfest XXL – Party of the Year." It is accompanied by hits like Matija rhyme. Christin Stark and Ross Antony, Matthias Reim is one of the most successful German pop singers – just like the former Florian Silbereisen Helene Fischer, as* reported. As many stars as ever, should be part of the tour. Unfortunately, many hit sizes were not found on the tour, as these legendary hits are already dead, like* reported.

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