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The woman in the hospital because of an allergic shock, is there taking care of her life

Doddinghurst (United Kingdom) – Leah Watts, 28, was arrested last Tuesday for a severe allergic reaction hospital admitted. But instead of being treated only briefly, she had to stay there for five whole days.

Leah Watts, 28, suffered two more allergic shocks at the hospital. (Icon)

Leah Watts, 28, suffered two more allergic shocks at the hospital. (Icon)

Reason: Leah Watts, 28, suffered several bad allergic reactions while under the care of negligent hospital staff, the still-upset EssexLive woman said.

At first everything went well. Although she got another allergic shock but this one was treated immediately. Her body slowly calmed again.

Immediately, she presented the doctor on duty with a list of her allergies, which she always carries with her in case of emergency. The list is long. She is allergic to dairy products, gluten, E numbers and nine different medicines.

When she had an allergic reaction again that evening, though she did not eat anything because the hospital could not provide food for people with allergies, the doctor again gave her medication. To Leah's dismay, he discovered that her allergy list was gone. "I was really worried and didn't know what was going on," the 28-year-old said.

Unfortunately, this was not an isolated case. In five days, the hospital staff lost a total of three times the important list.

Two days after receiving her, she was finally told to return home after lunch. But it didn't work. She ate the food offered. The next allergic reaction was not long in coming.

"My face was swollen. I got a rash and couldn't breathe anymore," Lea said. Because apart from her beliefs, the food contained e-numbers to which she reacted violently.

She called for help with her alarm button. The nurse came up short, said she told the doctor, and left. But no one came. Carers are said to have even turned off their alarm, the 28-year-old claimed. Finally, the visitor brought help and looked for her sister. But it couldn't help him either, as she said she was unable to bring the needed epinephrine drug.

Finally, there was a doctor who could help her.

But that is not all. The same game repeated only two days later. This time because they gave her the wrong medicine. Instead of directly helping her this time, the nurse denied the much needed epinephrine because he had not been prescribed it.

But he couldn't find her medical record to check it. Then he just had to leave.

Finally, she was helped by another foreign woman who found her head sister who gave her much needed medicine. However, the patient had to inject herself. Real trust in nurses who then had no more. "I was so afraid she would give me something else, that I was horrified at the time."

Meanwhile, Leah returns home and is recovering from a horrible hospital stay.