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These nutritional defects make belly fat despite a lean figure

Those who not only want to improve their fitness but also want to lose weight and lose weight need discipline, iron will and a proper concept of nutrition and sports. Once an ideal figure was achieved and the figure remained permanently slim, the plan would succeed. The reality, however, often looks different, for example, when despite the reduced diet and less weight on the scales, it seems that the love handles on the abdomen are sticking straight down and simply cannot be tightened. Experts then talk about so-called lean fat, i.e. (visible) fat in an otherwise lean figure, and cite the following two typical dietary errors as a possible cause.

Abdominal fat despite slender figure? These eating errors can cause

1. Diet sins and wrong snacks

If you are usually balanced and eating according to your diet, ie sugar, dough, salt and fat, and instead of potatoes or pasta, an additional portion of vegetables as a side dish, you can keep a lean figure in the long run, but it can should not be underestimated: if you pick up fast food, sweets or snacks, you will start to have bacon on your belly and hips – even if the total number of calories per day remains relatively low. White flour, sugar and saturated fatty acids simply do not provide the body with anything useful and are stored in the fat storage as an energy reserve. You can also read, for example, diet sins on your skin image, because you are more prone to impurities and cellulite.

The solution: the right thing

Eliminate and avoid cravings for food and snacks, preparing lunch boxes rich in vitamins and proteins and keeping healthy snack foods (such as berries, raw foods or nuts) at work. Inspiration is provided by proper guides and recipes collections. Protein shakes and bars also last a long time and maintain blood sugar levels.

2. too few sports or the wrong sports

The assumption that sport and target body style are not needed after reaching the ideal figure is a common misconception. Even those who are naturally blessed with a lean silhouette should keep their body in shape with sports and specific muscle training so that their abdomen, buttocks and thighs are not only lean but also sporty and taut. Too little exercise or sports that involve little or no (abdominal) muscle training could be another reason for lean fat.

Solution: Tighten your belly with targeted exercise

Anyone who is basically lean and still has an onion on his stomach can specifically attack this so-called lean fat. In addition to regular endurance training to boost metabolism and burn fat, special training is also important for the stomach. They then need to attack not only the flat and oblique abdominal muscles, but especially the muscles of the lower abdomen, where the fatty deposits are particularly persistent. Slow and focused movements with as much repetition as the following lift and plank versions are highly effective:

Leg lift

Bend your feet against your toes while lying on your back, stretching your legs slowly and as far as you can to the ceiling, holding them at the highest point, then slowly lowering them until your heels are above the floor. Keep short on maximum stretch, then lift again.

Option 1: At the highest point, enter the candle and strike the ceiling briefly several times in succession, then lower it slowly again. Variant 2: Alternately lower your outstretched legs diagonally to the left and diagonally to the right and touch your fingertips briefly across the ground.


Get into the forearm rest and build body tension from head to foot. Make sure the back of your neck to the butt gives you a straight line – do not fall into the hollow back and do not make Katzenbuckel. Hold for a few minutes.

Option 1: With your hips lowered, first lean left toward the floor, then return back to the starting position. Hold briefly, then lean to the right. Variant 2: Put a cloth-napkin under each foot, then alternately wipe one foot under the outstretched body to the opposite hip and back into the stretch. Then, with both feet at the same time, wipe your chest so that your buttocks and hips rise and your body forms a triangle. Return to the stretched board and keep it short. Repeat as often as possible.