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Trapped in the Internet World: Prof. Dr. Honey. Evdo's Udo Bonnet on games and online addiction

During a meeting at a Protestant hospital last week, experts discussed disputes and social isolation caused by Internet addiction. "The number of patients is increasing," says prof. Dr. Honey. Udo Bonnet, Chief Physician, EvK Psychiatry, Psychotherapy and Psychosomatics Department, in an interview with Stadtanzeiger.

Particularly gambling, which keeps some players closed both day and night in an unreal world, can lead to addiction. "We found that it usually affects young people between the ages of 14 and mid-30, who play relatively early in development by playing," Bonnet explains. This leads to developmental delays. "The last disorders are social anxiety and depression. We'll see them in the hospital." In addition, relationships with other people suffer when one player travels the Internet world too much.
If you, as a player, are at risk of addiction, you can certainly find out for yourself. It is a sign that the person concerned is severely limiting their interests and neglecting other hobbies. "Or when people tell you to back off," explains Udo Bonnet. Performance weakness is also an indicator.

Get help online

However, the Internet also has two sides. Although it can cause mental illness but at the same time sick people can find help there. "You can search for contact points and, for example, look for exit programs or online dispensaries," Bonnet says. Because the case numbers in a smaller city like Castrop-Rauxel are not so high, there is no special online ambulance there, but in Dortmund, Bochum and Essen. "Everyone who comes to the infirmary will be there to advise and receive advice."
The Internet can be used not only for informational purposes through assistance offers, but also for counseling purposes. After all, the digital sector has been providing psychotherapy online or through computers for about ten years. "Apart from therapy programs in psychotherapy or pharmacology," Bonnet points out. "Some therapies are being tested online through clinical trials and others are still under development."


Vera Demuth from Bochum / Wattenscheid city mirror

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