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Twelve Southern SurfacePads and Magazines: Practical iPhone Case Leather –

Twelve Southern SurfacePads and Magazines: Practical iPhone Case Leather - 2

Twelve South is well known in the newsroom: Twelve South is dedicated to providing high quality, stylish accessories for our iPhones, iPads and Macs, and has classics like the iPad Compass Mount or the BookBook Series as vintage Released Cover for iPhone, iPhone and iPad and Mac. The SurfacePad and Journal products discussed in this article are less well known.

Both Twelve South SurfacePad and Journal products are available for almost all current iPhone generations. In the German store you have to wait a while for copies of the new iPhone 11s, but they can already be ordered. I took a look at SurfacePad and Journal in the iPhone XR version.

Twelve South SurfacePad is designed for all iPhone users who appreciate double-sided protection but should not over-charge. Feature of this genuine leather case: It can be attached with a sticky surface on the back easily directly to the glass back of the iPhone and glued firmly and firmly until it is reduced again. If the adhesive surface is not supposed to adhere so well, it can be cleaned with warm water and reapplied.

Twelve Southern SurfacePads and Magazines: Practical iPhone Case Leather - 3

It will take a little time for the first time to attach the SurfacePad, and before that you will need to clean the iPhone a little with a microfiber cloth or something. The adhesive side can then be glued to the back. Of course, the SurfacePad leaves no trace when losing weight. Advantageously, the soft microfiber coated interior also has two credit or debit card slots. It is also possible to set up a casing for watching videos in landscape mode.

Good so far – the SurfacePad looks high quality treated with clean sewn threads and a nice soft leather surface. But in this case, it should always be kept in mind that SurfacePad does not offer protection for the edges of the iPhone, as the case did not include them. If the iPhone crashes, the front and back are protected and the corners are not. Before you hit the "buy" button, you should be aware of this fact. Twelve Southern SurfacePad will be available from for prices starting at $ 59.99 and from December 2, 2019 for iPhone 11 models directly from manufacturers in the United States.

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Twelve Southern Journals: precious workmanship, stiff spines

Twelve Southern SurfacePads and Magazines: Practical iPhone Case Leather - 4

Who needs more protection with an equally good exterior can be caught in the Twelve South iPhone magazine. Similar to BookBook, this copy has an internal hard case that has an iPhone inserted as well as a surrounding leather case that you can choose from cognac brown and black leather. Unlike the BookBook case, the inside case cannot be removed.

Twelve South Journal comes with reinforced edge protection so that the smartphone is well protected from crashes. All slots and buttons, as well as camera lenses, of course, are still available. Only the volume and mute keys cannot be controlled in the closed state because the spine is blocking access. There are three slots for credit cards and banknotes on the inside, as well as the section below.

Twelve Southern SurfacePads and Magazines: Practical iPhone Case Leather - 5

The magazine also offers the highest quality material and workmanship Twelve South has come to expect. The skin looks absolutely quality and smells discreet, and the inner case fits perfectly with my iPhone XR. However, I did find a flaw in this otherwise beautiful view of the book’s case, which is the spine of a semicircular shape. Twelve Souths have reinforced or reinforced this in particular. This is probably for the reason that the front cover should not be opened so easily, and it provides additional security in the event of a fall. Unfortunately, but that fact makes the case cumbersome, it also closes the lid, at least for my copy, so it's not quite in line with the inner case. This is a shame, because the protective cover will otherwise make an excellent and absolutely quality impression. Currently, the Twelve South Journal can be purchased on Amazon, as well as in the US manufacturer's webshop, at just under € 54.