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A 254-pound man halves his weight and is confused, which happens then

Middlesborough (England) – "Eat and Die": That's about the tone Darren "Dibsy" McClintock, 28, got from his personal trainer, Mike Hind.


Darren "Dibsy" McClintock, 28, at the time of his 254 pounds.

Dibsy weighed 254 pounds just over a year ago. But it has halved this value to this day. With countless photographs, the Briton from Middlesboro has let people take part in his diet. His Instagram account now follows more than 10,000 users.

But what really made Dibsy speechless and left him completely confused was a young woman from his town. In August, nurse Jade, 28, checked in with him, just a month later, both became a couple.

For the English, this was once unthinkable. Just a year ago, doctors alerted him to a sudden death unless he put his addiction to Southern food under control. The 28-year-old was constantly eating pizza, sandwiches, chips and chocolate, reports the Daily Star.

But thanks to a persistent trainer, Dibsy was able to play sports and change his diet, the pounds just rolled over. And he impressed his new girlfriend, too, for whom he spits like crazy.

"Jade is such a great girl. So caring and supporting weight loss and activities, it's great to have one like this in life – 18 months ago I didn't think it was possible," Dibsy said.

Dibsy, was dating her friend Jade, 28, today.

Dibsy, was dating her friend Jade, 28, today.

Also, his personal trainer Mike commented on his protege's incredible transformation and said, "When Dibsy and I first worked together, I asked him what he wanted to accomplish … He told me he wanted to hang out with a girl, so like done by all his friends. "

After months of torture, Mike was overjoyed that Dibsy had actually found great love. "Dibsy and Jade are a great couple … It just goes to show what it means for you to eat well and stay fit. This has completely changed his life."

However, in October, Dibsy suffered a setback. The irregular heartbeats he suffered earlier returned and caused an unwanted break in the gym.

She underwent surgery last week to fix the problem and is already training on the racetrack. Now Dibsy is planning three surgeries to remove excess skin.

He was convinced, "It goes from here and on."