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Andropause vs. Menopause: The Menomädels

Andropause vs. menopause

Females from the menopausal front to us gentlemen are considered freelancers when we complain. Not without reason.

A man is pulling his hair

Whether there is andropause for men is controversial. Some men are still suffering Photo: Jonny Electra / ordinary picture

Comrades in the menopausal front accept this with humor. "After 40 years new: menstruation finally every three weeks," one writes; "Hey, gay, I'm a Super Woman," another who's already dropped two weeks. I was just waiting for the template to fake the Leiden cooperative: "After 40 years new: wet dreams with only urine," I'm back.

Zbigniew, my urologist, says yes, and it's still a good sign. "Only when nothing comes, Mr. Hannemann, is he joking,"then are you dead. Dry as a desert. Before everything was fine. "

But the real "we" does not exist. Not entirely wrong, the Menomädels consider us freelancers. What they are going through (the fruit fly cycle, the nerve infarction, the sweat, the mood like Hitler in April 45 over the years) is no comparison to the slight decline, as we humans experience.

This is another reason why the concept of andropause is already controversial. Hormonal changes are slower and more even. Very nasty doctors even claim that andropause doesn't exist, "just get old."

If they're doctors, I'm an astronaut

You could also say that cancer does not exist, just get sick. If they're doctors, I'm an astronaut. I understand what is wrong with me. Because I could cry again or separate.

Still, it is absurd for Andropausenmann to equate to brave fighters from the Men's scene. It's kind of like coming home from war, traumatized and starved to death, hormonal bits stuck in your head, your left foot misses, your right leg is a little bit too, so it's really full. And then he says in the greeting, "Alas, hey, it's good that you came, oh man, if you knew what was going on here." I really am too fatty duck liver perfume on greased ciabatta and now I have such a nasty feeling of fullness. Be glad you don't have that. "

And then she whimpers only weakly, so fiepfiepfiep, and then again, completely annoyed and impatient, "Yes, war is stupid, I know, because a reasonable person is better off not even there. But can you make me a hot water bottle? Ooo , uh, uhch. "

The assumption of my Bondingversuche is quite clear to me. I don’t even want to overdo them – I by no means manage this with my gaming problems like anger, tears and soft worm. I'm finally surfing about her complaints. Menopausal women basically do something monstrous when it happens is not Amok is running.