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Are you getting enough fiber in your diet?

It can lower blood sugar, lower cholesterol and improve your metabolism, but doctors say that many of us do not put enough fiber into our daily diets. "The standard American diet is only about 15 grams of fiber. The recommendation is 25 to 35 grams, ”said Dr. Heather Old, a physician in integrative medicine with Lee Health.

Foods high in fiber include fruits and vegetables such as avocados, beans, apples, raspberries and almonds. "If you do this, you will improve your immune system, reduce inflammation, help protect yourself against cancer and really control your blood sugars, you may not be obese," Dr. Old said.

Patients who do not receive enough fiber are at risk of digestive problems, cardiovascular disease and weight gain. "If you do not eat adequate fiber, you will never get a signal to stop eating. So you're just going to keep eating and eating and eating because you're still hungry, "Dr. Old said.

Getting the fiber our body needs means improving our diet, not taking the supplement. "That's really important. The more fiber you eat, the fiber, there is nothing more. If you take dietary supplements without a prescription, it doesn't have the same effect, "says Dr. Old.

Fiber is found only in plant foods. Adding more fiber means adding more fruits and vegetables. "I want more of their plate to be fruits and vegetables. You can get a lot of protein, a lot of fiber and all your trace elements through your fruits and vegetables, "said Dr. Old.

What you eat can affect the way you think and feel. That is why it is important to get enough fiber and nutrients in your daily diet. "The best way to have a healthy gut is to eat fiber.

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