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Cooling of fennel – 2019

Whether you grow your own fennel in your garden or get more than you can use on a grocery trip, freezing extra fennel is a great and relatively easy way to store it for later. The three parts of fennel, onion, stems and leaves should be frozen separately. Fennel is similar to licorice. Although the large, white onion is usually the focus of the recipes, the thin leaves act as herbs, and the stems are good for soups and broth.

Cooling of fennel - 2019 2

Certification: al62 / iStock / Getty Images If onions are older and harder, remove some outer layers before cutting and freezing.

Step 1

Cut the green stems from the white onion and remove the leaves from the stems.

Step 2

Place the leaves on a tray of ice cubes in the quantities you need for a recipe, such as 1/2 teaspoon. Cover the leaves with water and place them in the freezer.

Step 3

The executives of the hack. Place the chopped stems in another ice cubes tray in equal quantities as on the leaves. Cover with water and place in the freezer.

Step 4

Boil a pot of water on the stove. While the water is warming, cut the white onion into quarters or eight.

Step 5

Fill a bowl in half with ice and add cold water until the ice floats.

Step 6

Place the fennel pieces in the water container when boiling. Cook the fennel in boiling water for 30 seconds.

Step 7

Add the fennel pieces to the cold water until it cools.

Step 8

Place the pieces of fennel in a refrigerator-safe plastic bag and mark the bag.

Step 9

Transfer the cubes of fennel leaves and fennel fennel into separate freezer bags when the water in the ice trays is frozen. Mark the sachets with the date and amount of fennel leaves or stems contained in each cube.