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"Cut" and "Capture Screenshot": Aue enjoys the table

Aue. Erzgebirge Aue players often looked at their cell phones on weekends. Of particular interest was Table 2 of the Bundesliga. "I'll take a screenshot. Being so advanced after 14 days of the game is a nice feeling," said striker Pascal Testroet. His teammate Florian Krüger prefers it the old-fashioned way: "Screenshot? You can also cut a table and look at it several times. But not the placement counts but the points. "

23 counts are 3-1 after FC St. Pauli at the expense of Auer. The Saxons are well above expectations and are counting on big surprise teams in the league so far. If it is Kruger, his Auers should be ahead as long as possible: "Now we want more. If we continue like this, we can bring a lot with us until winter break. Anything is possible, we can beat any team. "

Kruger's euphoria is also based on his personal situation. The 20-year-old striker was under former coach Daniel Meyer regular and celebrated with a goal and two assists in the first two games of the season a good start to the season. Under new coach Dirk Schuster Kruger, they were initially only short-term assignments. In the last game before the recent international interruption at Karlsruher SC (1: 1), the home-grown Staßfurter shone at 1 FC Magdeburg and later at FC Schalke 04 in the youth sector as preparation. Against St. Paul, he was allowed to run again in the starting lineup.

"The relief is already very big, but I never doubted myself and I always believed in myself. I showed the coach that I was here and that I wanted to join the team. Now I am here and I took my opportunity," said Krüger. Against St. Pauli scored to make it 1-0, before a second shot from the blond knocked Dimitrij Nazarov out of the penalty box. With that, he shone again with his speed and good looks. Schuster cannot cross Kruger at this time.

Offensive talent does not even currently play in his usual position as a midfield striker. In Schuster's system, 4-2-3-1 must play midfield on the outside lane. but Kruger often pulls him into the middle towards the opponent's goal. "I have befriended her. The processes always work better. I can often go to half-rooms, it suits me well. But the attacker stays his whole life," said Krüger, who will also be stationed at VfL Bochum on Saturday.

Because of this, Schuster will have to work on replacing his midfielder this week. They joined the red-haired Jan Hochscheid after their match against St. Paula two center scorers Philipp Riese and Clemens Fandrich, both of whom received their fifth yellow card. "This is an emergency, but we still have strong men in the back of the hand. The boys who are allowed to run in Bochum will win everything," Krüger said.