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Dieting Trick: Cut down on calories and continue eating pasta, potatoes and co.

Potatoes, pasta and rice are part of the diet of most of us. They are delicious, quick cooked and are usually the basis of most of our favorite dishes. Here we will tell you how you can enjoy without the suffering of your dreams.

Low carb diets are currently very popular with many. Potatoes, rice and noodles have a bad name because of this as fattening and enemies of every dream figure. Whether it's spaghetti or curry with rice, These carbohydrate-rich meals are part of the kitchen. Rice, pasta and potatoes are easy not to be missed, Most diets put these foods on the taboo list and cut them out of the food plan. It doesn't have to be that way! We've put together some tips for you that you can't do without a great figure despite carbohydrates.

Eat potatoes, pasta and rice the day before and be ready

in Most diets generally eliminate carbohydrates from the diet plan, or these simple and ingenious tricks you can reduce calories in foods high in carbohydrates and You don't have to without your favorite dishes, It all starts with preparation. You can reduce the calorie of pasta dishes by do not cook the pasta for too long, If noodles "al dente " to cook it the glycemic index is lowerThis means that the hormone insulin, which is responsible for blood sugar levels, has less concussion. Another tip is Whole grain noodles instead of wheat when purchased.

Did you know? You can reduce the calories in potatoes by eating some they were cooked the day before, Research has shown this Calories in pasta, rice and potatoes are reduced by allowing the food to cool for several hours after cooking or even best: consume only a day later. Warmhearted! The rest period causes crystallization of starch in foodwhich makes them unimaginable. As a result, it cannot be used in the gut and is one of the rough animals. also Keep the "resistance strength" full for longer. If you fry potatoes in a lot of oil the next day, it will be difficult to keep your line. Instead, place a vegetable porridge or salad with mustard and honey dressing. Another plus of such a diet is the positive effect on blood sugar levels.

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