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How to Repair Gold Plating in Fashion Jewelry

Because fashion jewelry is not made of the same high quality materials to make fine jewelry, it is less resistant to wear and tear. Although the monetary value of a costume piece may not be high, it can be of great personal value. One advantage of a jewelry suit is that if it breaks or tarnishes, it is very likely that you can repair it with accessories from your local craft store.

How to Repair Gold Plating in Fashion Jewelry 2

credit: CarlosAndreSantos / iStock / GettyImages How To Determine Gold Plating In Fashion Jewelry


Clean or polish the coating with a coating solution. The most common damage to the jewelry coating is tinting or missing glitter. Find a chemical formulated for this purpose. Polish the glossy coating to restore shine and even tonality.

Cut a broken piece back with jewelery glue or epoxy resin. It is easy for an investment to fall or even break under the wrong conditions. Use a glue for jewelry or metal to make sure the parts are properly glued. Metal is not the easiest thing to stick together, so find something designed with this task. Press down on both parts while drying to allow permanent connection.

If necessary, replace missing or damaged tiles with other material If you do not have the missing piece and cannot find a suitable coating piece to repair, repair the loss with other material. Fill holes or gaps with resin or clay that you can paint after hardening. Replace a missing link with a link from other material that you can also paint to link it to the rest of the article.

Paint a new accessory or blank spot with a metallic gold color. There are two types of metallic colors. The former, used in wood, paper and textiles, has a metallic luster to the color. The second type is shaped to look like a metal after drying. Make sure you have the second kind. You can find it with jewelry, but there are also spray paints and metallic colors that can achieve this goal.

Add a new piece to the piece of jewelry. Cover a bald spot with rhinestones, beads, buttons, or other items that fit the piece and cover the damaged area. Attach the new accessory with jewelry glue or epoxy resin.

Apply jewelry again if it fails. If there is no way to save the piece as a whole, take the piece that is still wearable and turn it into a whole. The lack of overlap can ruin the piece as it is, but it doesn't have to be a total loss.


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