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Is the FBI Detecting at the Royal Home?

It's probably the biggest scandal of the year! After a failed TV interview, Prince Andrew is criticized: Maybe the Queen's son is involved in a big abuse scandal. What about the allegations? Because she's sure: The queen has already made first impressions and she became more and more distanced from her own son.

Prince Andrew and the Epstein scandal

Multi-millionaire Jeffrey Epstein is at the heart of the abuse scandal. Prince Andrea's close friend is accused of abusing and raping several women. Prince Andrew, who is said to have links to his friend's rape, has in an interview with the British broadcaster on Saturday "BBC" on the allegations – and with his performance everything got worse. Many charities no longer want to work with Queen Elizabeth's second eldest son. Even the queen herself is increasingly distancing herself from her son, who is accused of, among other things, abused a 17 year old, The Queen has already canceled her birthday party – and her office in Buckingham Palace is said to have ousted Prince Andre.

Will Prince Andrew be forced to make a statement?

Women lawyers who frustrate the dead Jeffrey Eustine demand it Prince Andrew makes a statement about the abuse scandal. Even the FBI is already investigating the Epstein case. Next time it could get to that The prince must provide evidence for further FBI investigations. However, if Prince Andrew refuses, victims' lawyers could force a statement.