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Marvyn Macnificent: After Insta Innovation, nobody likes it

Marvyn Maccious, 27, is sure – a lot will change on Instagram. The designer has been one of the most popular German make up models since 2014 and even launched her own cosmetic line. Especially for him, the social media sites where he posts his posts are important platforms. What keeps Berliner from innovating that should be hiding on Instagram Likes?

"I'm a little divided"he discovered Celebrity FlashInterview on the Place to B Award in Berlin. Instagram has announced that it will make the likes of posts invisible to all users – except the person who posted the image. The creator knows that the photo platform wants to first and foremost make a change, so that the pressure from the public is taken away from users. But he is skeptical: "If you still see the statistics yourself, I don't think it really takes very much." He doesn't even believe that without likes he likes less pressure on him and his work. "I'm sure that will change because I think people like less," he said emphatically.

"It's just going to look for something else to measure how successful you are, and then maybe those are comments"Webstar suspects. Marvyn But not completely against innovation on Instagram. He will closely monitor the proceedings.

Marvyn Maccious, November 2019Instagram / marvynmacnificentPicture gallery button
Marvyn Maccious, November 2019
Marvyn Maccious, January 2019M Weber / Actionpress

Marvyn Maccious, January 2019
Marvyn MacciousInstagram / marvynmacnificent

Marvyn Maccious

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