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Meat Chefs Tönnies and Reinert in Kid | versmold

Hans-Ewald Reinert and Clemens Tönnies discuss whether meat producers should undergo an export diet so that the German market does not bleed.

Stefan Schelp, Marc Uthmann

Dispute: How much meat from German countries can be exported to China? - © Mareike Gröneweg

Dispute: How much meat from German countries can be exported to China?
(© Mareike Gröneweg)

Rheda-Wiedenbrück / Versmold. After the merger of the meat companies Reinert and Kemper with the giant "Family Butchers", a controversy erupted between Hans-Ewald Reinert and Tönnies boss Clemens Tönnies. The dispute raises the question of whether the German meat industry should be exported. This is reported by Lebensmittel-Zeitung. The issue causes stomach upset as more meat is sent to China than usual after an African pig has raged there. Concerns: In Germany, this could lead to bottlenecks for the domestic market.

Hans-Ewald Reinert wants an export diet

The possibility of export restrictions was raised by Hans-Ewald Reinert a few days ago. At the Local Congress since Food newspaper Versmolder accused German meat companies of bleeding local meat producers. He urged companies to restrict exports of pork to China and instead deliver to the German market. Otherwise, German sausage makers would no longer be able to produce enough goods for German retailers.

Clemens Tönnies leads a counter-speech

Clemens Tönnies leads a counter-speech. It rejects export restrictions on German meat. His meat company continues to see itself as a reliable supplier of raw materials to the German meat industry. Food newspaper refers to Tönnies communication with a clear commitment to "a reliable partner of the meat industry and farmers. We stand with our partners, even at high export prices," says Clemens Tönnies.

A new giant butcher family

The two companies Reinert and Kemper received the green light from the German Federal Cartel Office last week for a planned merger with the new family butchers giant. The second largest producer of meat and sausage products in Germany is developing into several product categories of the Tönnies Group, which also has its own slaughterhouses.

Like Kemper, Reinert is involved in the production and sale of processed meats and sausage products. Both companies do not operate their own slaughterhouses or cutting plants. Reinert generated sales of around € 300 million in the EU in 2018, compared to € 194 million in Germany. Kemper generated € 415 million in the EU in 2018 and € 330 million in Germany. According to antitrust authorities, partners are particularly strong in submarkets of cooked meats, as well as poultry aspic and porridge. Another focus is on the production of raw sausage.

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