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Ready to go: Stehaufqueen tip

Nearly 400 rural women from across the county who followed the call to the Kreislandfrauentag in Stadthalle Ahlen on Saturday morning have raised a lot of confidence and loyalty.

Stehaufqueen County Executive Nicole Staudinger <! –-> which told listeners, including several listeners, that women can lift their heads even in times of crisis.

The 39-year-old educated bestselling publisher and author is well versed in such crises, and at the age of 32, was diagnosed with breast cancer after having just survived black skin cancer.

Honest and free, without handwriting, she talked about needed total breast amputation, ovarian removal and hormonal treatment. Instead of lifting her legs afterwards, during her chemotherapy, she wrote her first book, Breastfeeding Breastfeeding, which became a mirror bestseller.

Her advice: "It's enough to climb a mountain when it lies in front of you" and not see the following.

Staudinger was also successful along the way as a coach, and explained that women could handle any criticism of Sperrspitze's innocent "Oh, what."

In addition, President Margret Möllmann acted! –-> regulations and presented the "We Give Plastic Basket" campaign.

In addition to plastic, Möllmann said it was a struggle to throw away food. "Waste disposal may not be an option for us," the chair said, criticizing the fact that 82 pounds of food per person are discarded each year.

Winfried Kaup, the district's deputy manager, took a stand against plastic waste and explained that the circle had successfully opposed the slurry of "Coffee to Go" plastic cups. Alternative mugs are also made of plastic, but are fully recyclable, dishwashers up to 600 times reusable.

Karl Werring, president of the Chamber of Commerce and president of WLV Hermann-Josef Zumloh, subsequently honored the women with the Golden Masters. Honorary pallbearers are: Ida Prenger-Berninghoff (Ostbevern), Gisela Nienhaber (Liesborn, Ursula Spitthöver (Enniger), Anni Northoff (Ahlen), Elisabeth Telges (Sendenhorst), Klara Flamme (Beelen), Hedwig Kuckelmann (Warandhone)) and Waltrauda Bett (Warandhone) Ennigerloh), prevented by Marianne Müller (Oelde) and Marlies Große Frie (Ahlen).