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Single Life: These are the benefits

A life without a love relationship should not be oppressive

Who has yet decided that a single life is the synonym of a lonely, unhappy and never-ending life? And who has decided that couples live a constantly happy life? You might be looking forward to coming into the vacant apartment at night after a hard day's work and doing whatever you want. Can you enjoy being in bed as much as you like? And maybe you also love the single life, which you can mainly deal with yourself? After all, we ourselves are what ultimately leaves us.

How do you become happy?

Now there is only one question: How do you manage to be enough? and escape the views of society? We have tips!

  • Show the benefits of a single life in mind
  • Remember your friendships
  • Invest in a hobby
  • Always think of yourself first of all
  • Think about the goals and follow them

That's why happy ones are living healthier lives

All the singles who are still worried that they can't be happy on their own, we still have one for them Study by the University of Texas keep in mind. Here, a total of 1.2 million people were asked. The result: Unmarried people are used to saying that they were happier than married people. In addition, unmarried individuals had on average lower BMI. The reason: Men pay more attention to their appearance as they look for a partner. In addition, one's life is considered more relaxed and free – and: Single people are less exposed to conflict on average. This also reduces the level of pressure. Any questions?