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Telekom Post SV's volleyball players face an obstacle to Hürth

The regional league team is away with 1: 3

Wolfgang Horstmann



Stand on 24.11.2019, 19:52 hour

Bielefeld. With no known earnings, he ended the away game of the Telekom Post SV regional league at TVA Hürth II with 1: 3 (19:25, 25:21, 19:25, 19:25) lost a telecom sextet against a team with a former second-team team in the outskirts of Cologne. Bielefeld coach Michael Baumeister said: "It was very unlikely we would get into the game." The initial phase was clearly dominated by the rebels, who were exposed to numerous failures in reception and service. The home team scored eight points in stages. The odds ratio prevents a better result. A change in Telekom Post's SV game brought replacement Libero Rene Ludwigs in the final phase of the first set. Baumeister's team led quickly with 8: 3. It was clear from the intermediate stages of 13: 7 and 17: 9 at 23:18 that the set-up was successful, after two more points were 1: 1 Further success in the form of penalties allowed is a sophomore seasoned Hürther veteran tele com Post SV is not. In sentences three and four, the Bielefelders again found themselves in a mistaken acceptance. In addition, the success of attackers, who too often faced each other with a compact block of opponents, also declined. Hürther did not send Telekom SV any gifts in the form of points. With their very effective game, which they earned in the last two stages of the first rally on the lead, they did not surrender to the set and start the match. Bielefeld Libero Rene Ludwigs and striker Tobias Borgstädt were not awarded points for an individually good performance, but received praise from Coach Baumeister.