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This Instagram account makes you hungry! – Telbassel

"I'm still eating these biscuits and starting my diet tomorrow." Many know this situation exactly. Even if you commit yourself today to only eating half a serving or extremely dieting, you often lose the fight against your inner bastard. The guilty conscience will not come long: it all ends on the hips!

This Instagram account makes you hungry! - Telbassel 2

Many on their social networking sites get tips for healthy and balanced eating. Thousands of food bloggers and influencers are rushing on Instagram in particular. Among them is Swiss chef author Nadia Damaso. When you look at the 22-year-old's account, it becomes clear: eating healthy can be just as tasty as a supposed fattening burger and Co.

«Eat better, not less»

Damaso discovered his own diet philosophy and read, "Eat better, not less." She has already published two cookbooks. Among other things, it is a healthy diet, but by no means abstinence or even diet.

This Instagram account makes you hungry! - Telbassel 3

The 22-year-old is already following 156,000 users on Instagram. On her own account and on her website, Switzerland shares recipes and provides helpful tips on healthy cooking.

One who appreciates a lean line does not have to bite just for raw food and give up eating. Today, healthy eats make gourmets and health lovers happy too.

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