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Three new natures in garden communities for Scheibbs

DISTRICT DISC. The Göstling an der Ybbs, Gresten-Land and Steinakirchen am Forst communities are "nature in the garden". By decision of the local council, the municipalities confirmed that public green spaces would be maintained in accordance with the criteria of "nature in the garden", free of synthetic fertilizers and pesticides and without peat.

"Thanks to green care for green spaces, Göstling, Gresten-Land and Steinakirchen are even more vibrant for their residents," congratulates Lower Austria Provincial Councilor Martin Eichtinger (ÖVP) on the new "Nature in the Garden" communities.

Currently ten municipalities in Scheibbs district (Gresten-Land, Göstling / Ybbs, Oberndorf / Melk, Purgstall, Randegg, Reinsberg, Steinakirchen / Forst, St. Anton / Jeßnitz, St. Georgen / Leys, Wolfpassing) and 188 cities and municipalities do not work without in Lower Austria in maintaining public green spaces on the use of chemical synthetic fertilizers, pesticides and peat. The "nature in the garden" communities show how attractive green space design and ecology can be combined. Chemical pesticides are replaced by organic care by biological means or by the application of mechanical or thermal processes, such as hot water, limescale or hot foam. Perennial plantations that fit the site make the green spaces of the community flourish in a new way.