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TV scandal: Heidi Klum casts two candidates – apparently against their will

In the Queen dear, Heidi Klum noticed the particular closeness of the two candidates one after the other. But they actually wanted it not to be so public.

  • A new episode of Queen of Drags flashed across the TV screen Thursday night
  • juror Heidi Klum noted the particular closeness of the two candidates
  • But they really didn't want to get away with the truth so quickly

Dear Queen: Heidi Klum betrays love birds to the candidates

Los Angeles – The two thought differently. In fact, two candidates wanted to join Queen dear not quite so with the truth. But jury Heidi Klum thwarted them. Hayden Kryze and Aria Addams they were already great at casting. "And that's when we realized we loved each other," Addams said. And that is exactly what the jury seems to have acquired. On stage, when the two are already inside Dear Queen he turned Heidi Klum quite "discreetly" firmly: "So, if my love troupe is not, uh …" The fact that the two love groups did not count for that was a manifestation of the two faces themselves.

Heidi Klum: The Queen of Drags Juror is curious and continues to exercise

Aria Addams she looked rather scared while Hayden Kryze with chapped lips Heidi Klum casts a seemingly toxic gaze. But then Kryze reluctantly backed away with the truth and laughed, "We're still in the beginning stages." “Ah, yes?” Heidi asked. Addams, on the other hand, would be kept secret longer, as he put his index finger to his lips and said only, "Pssst." In interim interviews, he continued to agitate and said beautifully gesturing with his hands, “Now he is Heidi Klum everyone knows now anyway. "

Candidates for the Queen of Drags – After a Love Outing by Heidi Klum: "Let's see what happens."

Heidi Klum she was happy about the confession of love. "Honey, I'm glad, I can't wait to see what's going on with you." The two of them laughed heartily and Aria Addams "In his interview, Kryze admitted:" There was such a small moment in the beginning that I said goodbye to. I've never had anything to do with one before Dear Queen. "Over and over again, the audience needed to see the two of them. They patted each other's backs or hugged each other." I think it's great to hug from time to time. Because I am a person who needs closeness. We will see what happens there and maybe it will happen, ”Addams added.

After reluctantly directing love from Heidi Klum: Other candidates have an opinion too

Not to be a quick number, it has been in statements since Hayden Kryze saw. "Personally, I'm human when I meet someone so it takes me a long time to do it. While the two of them are lying on the couch together, Kryze adds," We accept it, it's coming and that's all that matters. "So too German:" is the only thing that matters. "But, of course, the other participants also have an opinion about the growing affection of the two Dear Queen, Yoncé Banks cleverly added in an interview: "No matter how much you may have a crush or what I know, you can have sex later. Now you focus on the show, it's more important."

How was supposed to learn from a great love dream Hayden Kryze and Aria Addams Unfortunately, after the show, nothing became.

juror Heidi Klum however, it wasn’t easy before the first show. Because you have been criticized by particularly heavy criticism Dear QueenA scene that made her howl over her candidates. Janisha Jones, on the other hand, thinks Modelmama is the right person for this show. ( * Her photo with Bill Kaulitz of the show set caused a lot of displeasure from her fans.

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