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A woman takes a cold break in the pool – she doesn't notice what is going on in the background is disgusting

3, 2, 1 – zack! The timing was right. Woman posting photo on creative pool. But she doesn't know what's going on in the background.

Munich – Why don't you do everything to get the perfect photo for your social media channel. Many attempts and eventually optimal recording works. So is this woman, who has surrendered herself to the flash in the pool.

Hair dipped in water, neck thrown back quickly – voila, there is a beautiful photo, where it looks like the haircut is connected to the water surface. That's how it worked. The picture that looks everything the woman wanted. But wait, one thing went wrong. Two people didn't play, didn't itch – or did it?

A woman posts beautiful pool photos – but the background is disgusting

If you look closely, put on a slight increase in two ladies who probably felt unnoticed. Dressed in red and black women probably felt a little itchy or the clothes on the back were not okay. But see for yourself:

Do women scratch their buttocks or adjust their clothes?

A beautiful hair fountain from the foreground falls into oblivion when you see people vigorously scratching their asses. Too bad the lady who got into so much trouble because of the perfect shoot. Still, he probably rarely gives a picture in which only two women simultaneously “control” his butt.

Also this photo makes many crazy: "I see it and I hate it!"

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Photo Pool Glusch: Users enjoy the picture

Users on the Bored Panda platform first see a woman with a red piece of clothing and then write: "Do you see a woman in black? It's an epidemic!" The second makes it less problematic: "If it just itches …". And again the next one feels immediately attacked and says, "Imagine, a man would do that."

Another user sarcastically tries to figure out the reason why the woman does it. This creates a bizarre debate about handling. "Hmmm, I'll do it where no one sees me, before squeezing someone's hands," the user speculates about the train of thought. Then he gets the answer: "You usually shake your hand with your right hand." "Not if you're left-handed," the other two users say. Then he pleads: "In the Netherlands we always shake with our right hand."

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