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Can CBD Help With Acne? – CBD Planet: guides, tests and news on CBD

What prompted so much interest in CBD? The latest medical research that continues to highlight the new health benefits of CBD may have helped. More and more people are hearing what the CBD can do and want to try it for themselves.

Many people, especially the younger ones, suffer
Acne and therefore may wonder if CBD cannot help either. I
today i would like to answer that question and tell you different below
Learn ways to act. Spoiler anticipation: Yes, CBD can be great with acne

CBD inhibits inflammation

is that CBD has an anti-inflammatory effect. That's one thing
The first indication that it may also be useful in skin problems such as acne

Acne is, among other things, a collective term
The inflammation of the sebaceous glands in the skin falls. Acne can also occur
red, itchy areas on the skin, swelling and other symptoms
linked. Inflammation is the response of the body's immune system.
This is where the CBD begins.

After ingestion, CBD is based on a specific
Receptors in the body. The immune system also has such receptors.
After docking, the receptors then send new signals to the immune system,
it calms down. The inflammation therefore returns.

CBD alleviates the effects of stress

At the same time, CBD also indirectly helps with acne.
It works like this: One of the reasons for acne is the bacteria found in the sebaceous glands
accumulate. The bacterium wants to fight the bacteria through inflammation. it
However, it is not clear what causes the bacteria to accumulate. from
Possible reasons discussed are poor eating habits, hormones and stress.

Of course, CBD can be a poor diet
does not convert to good or normalize hormonal balance, but it succeeds
can help you relax. This is achieved by relaxing the veins and then CBD
that blood can flow better. At the same time, CBD also acts on opioid receptors
in the body and helps relieve pain.

CBD is also active in serotonin intake. Serotonin is a neurotransmitter that creates a good mood. Scientists now believe that CBD alleviates anxiety and mood disorders in this way. In addition, CBD can play a role in the regulation of stress hormones, such as cortisol.

This reduces the effects of stress
mitigates multiple pathways, CBD can also reduce accumulation
Bacteria and therefore acne.

CBD reduces sebum secretion

Currently the best proof of effectiveness
Acne CBD is a scientific study of the effects of CBD on
Skin. Some of them relate to the role of CBD in the production of sebum.

The propionibacteria responsible for acne thrive in sebum. This shows practical experience as well, because people with "oily skin" (i.e., skin that produces a lot of sebum) are more prone to acne.

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Can CBD Help With Acne? - CBD Planet: guides, tests and news on CBD 2

In a medical examination
For example, CBD has been shown to normalize sebum production in sebaceous cells.
So the skin no longer secretes too much sebum, leaving the bacteria alone
they no longer multiply excessively.

Do CBD Supplements Help?

Full-spectrum CBD oils also contain CBD
Terpenes having antibacterial properties. This completes the terpenes
effects of CBD, which is probably also positive in the case of acne reduction

How can I find the right CBD oil?

There are quite a few of them today
CBD Oil Suppliers. Because the market is still a little regulated, there are
there are also black sheep that sell oils that are not CBD or not sufficient
involved. It is also possible that CBD oil contains too much THC
can make noise. To avoid these problems, you should
necessarily buy quality oils. But because of search and trial and error
and expensive, I have a string on our website for you
Top quality oils tested. You can find the results here. Well you can
concentrate on established providers and avoid the negative ones


Yes, CBD oil can help with acne. There is still a need for research, but in addition to existing studies, many thousands of practical user reports suggest appropriateness. Therefore, it is best to test your CBD yourself with quality oil and see how acne can help you.

Image: Pixabay