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Combustion and stress in the office: When work creates soul

Combustion and stress in the office: When work creates soul 2
If you no longer enjoy your work, the alarm bells should ring.

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BerlinDo you also feel that everyone is stressed out of work these days? There is not enough staff everywhere. Everyone whines about the lack of resources. But do we really all work at the border? And if so, how long can we continue this?

Hans Jürgen Kraux is the head of the psychology team at Sana Lichtenberg Hospital. He knows: "To answer that question, you have to look a little bit at the intrinsic values, the intrinsic values ​​are firmly anchored in us, coming from education, through your own profession, books or worldviews, and the value that is powerful these days is given by society. reads: Be always strong! "

As long as the work is fun, everything is fine

And how do you best demonstrate your own strength? "I say I'm crazy about stress. I'm so busy, we should have twice as many employees here, but we can still do it."

Yes, I can do it! And actually the job is fun too. That's the way it should be. We need stress to grow. There is positive stress, Eustress. Only those who perceive pressure as a burden, who threaten to enter the mill of negative stress.

Hans Jürgen Kraux: "Who is really stressful, doesn't really like to go to work anymore, is no longer happy. It feels like I'm constantly full. The boss always does my tasks, my package gets bigger and bigger & # 39; . & # 39;

If you're really stressed, you don't want to go to work anymore.

Psychologist Hans Jürgen Kraux

Not a recording. It takes years. Everyone has a few bad weeks. Also in half a year or in retrospect with a statement: In 2017 I should have surrendered. "However, the time frame is always very difficult to put in," points out psychologist Hans Jürgen Kraux. "I can't serve everyone as an orientation. For some people, half a year is too much." Business stress is not a new phenomenon. There has always been stress. But in the past, people thought less about what they could do

That has long since changed. Companies offer anti-stress seminars and take care of combustion prevention. But why is perceived stress getting bigger and bigger anyway?

"Be perfect, be fast, be strong, be popular."

"Everyone has inner impulses that make the stressful situation even more stressful, be perfect, be fast, be strong, be popular, things that make it harder to get help. That's why you should know those inner impulses. The chef is aiming for that," my Hans Jürgen Kraux. For example, if a boss knows that an employee dares not say no because he wants to be popular everywhere, he also knows whom to give to the next unpopular assignment.

It is important to pull the emergency brake on time: however, it is a basic requirement to understand that things are not going this way. You have to want to be nice to yourself. "You need to improve your inner self. By telling yourself: I'm precious," says the psychologist. Something valuable can be well defended. Health goes hand in hand with valuables. If you realize that health is attacking you, you should defend it.

And then it goes one step at a time: You have to admit that you are stressed. "It's not that simple, because it means I'm not durable, weak, I'm not powerful." You must be willing to accept help.

You need to improve on the inside. Saying: I am precious.

Psychologist Hans Jürgen Kraux

Next, you need to see what creates stress for you. Is that a lot of tasks? Are they disorders so I can't finish my job because someone always wants something from me? Is there a lack of resources do I have to keep running after every ballpoint pen? It takes time. Are these unclear instructions or tasks? Will it bother me with decisions about how to perform tasks? Aren't my boss present?

"Then you have to talk to your boss," the psychologist warns. And ask him a question: what can he change?

If nothing happens, you should change something for yourself – eventually look for a new job. Always aware that stress can otherwise destroy your own body.