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European citizens' initiative to save bees and farmers! started

Berlin (ots) – Whole European campaign calls for phasing out of pesticides and protection of biodiversity and agriculture

Today, the European Citizens' Initiative (ECI) is launching "Save Bees and Farmers!", Which aims to halt the use of chemical-synthetic pesticides by 2035, help farmers move to green agriculture and save bees and ecosystems. By September 2020, the citizens' initiative must have collected at least one million signatures. If successful, the European Commission and the European Parliament are obliged to consider the requirements of the initiative and consider adopting them.

The EBI has been established by a broad coalition of environmental, health, agricultural and beekeeping organizations and organizations. The Alliance now includes around 90 civil society institutions from 17 EU countries and continues to grow.

Three basic EBI requirements for the EU Commission

1. Release of synthetic pesticides

The use of synthetic pesticides in EU agriculture by 2030 should be reduced by 80 percent. By 2035, EU Member States should be completely pesticide free.

2. Biodiversity restoration measures

Areas of biotopes need to be revitalized and agricultural areas designed to promote biodiversity.

3. Support from farmers

Farmers should receive support in the necessary transition to organic farming. Smaller, more diverse and sustainable agricultural structures, as well as organic farming, should be expanded, and pesticide and GMO-free farming research promoted.

Ecosystems are collapsing

International scientists are demanding a change of system to stop the collapse of nature. A quarter of wildlife in Europe is under serious threat, half of our natural landscape is in critical condition and our life risk is at risk. (1)

Bees and other pollinators, in particular, are essential for the conservation of ecosystems and biodiversity. However, like most insects, it is threatened by permanent habitat loss and the use of pesticides in agriculture. (2)

Meanwhile, millions of farmers are being driven out of the market by unfair competition and lack of political support. Between 2005 and 2016, four million small and medium-sized enterprises disappeared in the EU. (3)

Helmut Burtscher, Environmental Chemist at Global 2000 Friends of the Earth, Austria, said: "Only sustainable pesticide-free agriculture can provide food for present and future generations, respond to the growing challenges of climate change and contribute to biodiversity conservation. the policy must encourage the further development of agro-environmental methods and support farmers in the transition to pesticide-free production. "

Veronika Feicht of the Umweltinstitut München eV explains: "We are bringing the fight against synthetic pesticides to the European level by giving a united voice to those across Europe who are calling for a new agricultural system. and farmers, and healthier people, we are working to make this type of agriculture a reality across Europe. "

François Veillerette, Director of Générations Futures, urges: "We call on European citizens to massively support this initiative to rapidly abolish all synthetic pesticides in the EU and we hope that millions of people will soon join our call for a ban on pesticides to change agriculture, help farmers in transition and protection of biodiversity. "

Thomas Radetzki, CEO of Aurelia Foundation: "In addition to bees, various farms are subject to an EU-wide industrial policy: bees and farmers need an ambitious but realistic change to the system, which can only be achieved with a consistent exit, using synthetic pesticides."

The Alliance's organizers include the European Network of Friends of the Earth Europe and the Pesticide Action Network (PAN), as well as the Munich Institute for the Environment, the Aurelia Foundation (Germany), Générations Futures (France) and GLOBAL 2000 / Friends of the Earth Austria,

Aurelia Foundation's German Language Campaign Website:

EBI International Website:

(3) Click to Contact:

Carsten Berg (Aurelia Senior Campaign Foundation) – Cellphone +49 176 43 064 365

Florian Amrhein (Head of Public Relations and Public Relations): – Phone: +49 30 577 00 39 66 –
Mobile phone: +49 176 34 51 52

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