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Flax Diet: Weight Loss With Superfood!

This diet is based on only one key ingredient: flaxseed. As a superfood, flax plant seeds have been known to us long ago. Since they do not contain carbohydrates, they are also used in the low carb scene. But small packages of power can do even more: they encourage digestion and heat. And best of all, you can easily integrate them into your daily diet!

Lose weight with flax seeds – that's how it works

Flax seeds should now replace chia seeds as number one superfood. Why? Because they are healthier too! Small fitness enhancers contain a good deal of Omega 3 as well as essential proteins, minerals, folic acid and vitamins B1, B2 and B6. And by the way, flax seeds can also help us achieve our dream weight, as they lubricate the intestinal walls and thus ensure that food is removed quickly. This effect keeps our metabolism active and healthy. When flaxseed swells in the stomach, it also provides a pleasant, long-lasting satiety. So we are protected from the craving for food.

Flax diet: how to integrate flax seed in your diet

So that you can celebrate long-term success, you should start your flaxseed diet for breakfast: Just sprinkle the seeds over cereals, mash and bowls or give them as a healthy extra ingredient in your smoothie. Because of their neutral taste, you can also use them for lunch, such as salad dressings, soups or avocado toast. As linseed oil, they are great for cooking. Or buy flax seed in the shape of a flour-shaped bread and bake it with bread, which stays fresh for a long time and is super juicy.

You should not overdo it with flax seeds at first: Two tablespoons a day is enough to get you started. When your body becomes accustomed to a fiber-rich diet, you can slowly increase your amount. It is also important to drink enough during flaxseed because flaxseed not only swells slightly (similar to chia seeds) but also quickly depletes body fluid. Therefore, you should take at least two and a half liters of fluid daily. Then you can not only stimulate flaxseed metabolism and improve gut health, but also lose a pound or two – a balanced diet, the right amount of exercise and a good dose of sleep and relaxation.