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For the Giants, the team is the star of the Ludwigsburger Kreiszeitung

Würzburg. Even when the MHP giant Ludwigsburg warmed up, they were in a good mood, here's a joke, there's a joke – a relaxed mood. This positive approach and great confidence because of the strong start to the season were crucial for a difficult 89:84 victory over Sr. Oliver Kosare. After the Bundesliga game the mood was even better. With a big smile on their faces, the basketball players applauded the traveling fans.

By no means a perfect look

"It was a hard-fought game. In the end, we were a little happier, and maybe a little better," said greats coach John Patrick after his eighth win in the ninth inning of the season. "The mental strength was there, even if we played anything but perfect. "The meeting in front of 2,973 spectators was exciting and fierce from the start, with 42:42 left in the halftime break.

After interrupting the game due to technical scheduling issues, the giant threatened to exit the game. A 9-0 run led the hosts with 56:47 left. But Ludwigsburg stood against it. Jonas Wohlfarth-Bottermann, Thomas Wimbush and Marcos Knight equalized by the 27th minute.

But overall, the Swabs committed too many simple mistakes: messy games, unnecessary ball losses. Alone Knight gave his opponent a play device four times. But he also showed team spirit here: no actor went to Knight, instead, the 30-year-old was almost demonstrably encouraged.

In the last quarter then they showed a growing confidence of the Yellow and Black, also passed Ludwigsburg with no problems in the final minutes. 15 seconds before the end of the game, Jordan Hulls scored a three-pointer by 84-85 with the hall raging. Ludwigsburg remained cool anyway. Tower with 23 points total Khadeen Carrington scored two free throws at 87-84. After that, Konstantin Konga was cleverly sworn in and received a misdemeanor foul midfield. Nine seconds before the end of the game, the guests owned the ball and couldn't take the win. "It wasn't the optimum effect, either on defense or on offense," Patrick said, but boasted, "Still, we didn't hang our heads and keep fighting."

Even the Carrington playmaker in team chemistry sees the current strength of Ludwigsburg. "We just talked about it in the booth. We just stick together, even if some players make mistakes," said the 24-year-old American with Trinidadian roots. "It's a really great team atmosphere. Everyone is relaxed, we trust each other and there are no egoists with us. "

In that constitution, Ludwigsburg belong to the best teams in the Bundesliga. Carrington also sees it this way: "It's very early in the season. If we bring it out on the field, which makes us strong, we can beat anyone."