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Janni Hönscheid posts nude photos on the surfboard – fans go crazy

Janni Hönscheid surfboard

Janni Hönscheid has a healthy relationship with her body. Nudity is not a problem for a former professional surfer. After all, she also met and loved her husband Peer Kusmagk completely without textiles. Now she has posted a nude photo at work. Your fans are going crazy.

Janni Hönscheid stands by the body. Some of the feats in the dream body are not some, they may think, but the former professional surfer is also a proud mother of two. Therefore, a sinless body is by no means a thing.

On Instagram, she posted some stunning images showing her in her element – water. And just naked. On the surfboard.

See for yourself six hot pictures. In four photos that Hönscheid wears nothing, she is wearing a bikini or swimsuit in shots number five and six:

Being naked is something very natural for Janni Hönscheid. No wonder she once met her husband Peer Kusmagk on a nude TV show, "Adam sucht Eve." Meanwhile, the couple has two children. She also proved that there was no problem with her barefoot pulling in the recording for Playboy.

Kusmagk is currently participating in another TV show. After an alcohol confession, he recently went for figurines for Sat.1 and tried his luck at Dancing on Ice. And it was this participation that made them public.

"A lot of artists from @holidayoniceshows do amazing shows and it's really fun. I'd like to try it out for what is like sliding on frozen water," the 29-year-old writes about hot pictures.

"Still, my sport / passion is not running – I just love nature too much and I remembered how natural the sparkle is from the sun when dancing on the ocean – there is nothing better for me. Playing with the waves just gives me everything I need – the sea sets No need for make-up, curlers and plastic sequins … pure nature. I'm looking forward to being by the sea next year and being at sea with my little family, "he continues.

Check out this post on Instagram

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Post shared by Janni Hönscheid (@jannihonscheid)

Your fans love that these photos are easy to understand, even if one criticizes them. "You're a crazy role model! ❤️ Greetings from Sylt and Fuerteventura", "ueQueen", "You're so beautiful", "Wow! 🤩 What fantastic pictures!", Enthusiastic Instagram users write below the pictures. But of course there are critical voices.The moral apostles among Instagram users find such images inappropriate for the mother.

We think this is stupid and look forward to the next shoot.

Janni Hönscheid posts nude photos on the surfboard - fans go crazy 2