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vaccination IKK bears the costs for patients

Unlike the common cold, the real viral flu is an acute respiratory illness that can have serious, sometimes life-threatening, consequences.

Experts recommend vaccination by the end of November to protect against dangerous viral flu. The protection is set about two weeks after vaccination and lasts six to twelve months. Since last year, statutory insurance companies have been taking on the cost of a quadruple vaccine. Currently, the four vaccines for the 2019 and 2020 flu season contain antigens against four common strains of influenza viruses (two A and two B strains).

The Robert Koch Institute Permanent Commission on Vaccination (STIKO) recommends a fourfold flu vaccine for people over 60, pregnant women, people with chronic underlying illnesses and staff in healthcare settings. In these groups, the costs are covered by all health insurance companies. The Saxon Commission on Vaccination recommends a vaccine from the age of seven months without risk groups.