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Princess Charlène of Monaco pregnant ?: Insiders sure! A baby is on the way HERE

Is Princess Charlène of Monaco pregnant.
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In two months, Princess Charlie of Monaco disappeared as if from the earth. It was already said that she was ill. As the Italian newspaper "Oggi" claims to have learned from the source, something nice can be hidden behind the retreat.

Is Princess Charlène of Monaco pregnant?

Reportedly, Princess Charlène of Monaco should be pregnant again. At least Christa Mayrhofer-Dukor, 76, a relative of the late Princess Gracia Patricia († 52), told the Oggi magazine in a new issue. In mid-October, she went with Charles Man to the "Flame of Peace" gala. Since the princess was not accompanied by her husband once again, Christa Mayrhofer-Dukor asked Prince Albert – and she knew immediately what was behind the princess's absence.

"He explained to me that his wife is currently in a very special phase and that she is treated with great respect (…) It was immediately clear to me as a woman what she wanted to say to me: Charlène is pregnant again," she quotes ". She adds: "She has been in the same silence lately as the last time she had to undergo these special treatments to stay pregnant."

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After months, Princess Charlène of Monaco shows up again with Monk Prince Albert

This week has become Princess Charlène of Monaco shown again. Together with the Monegasque family and children Jaques and Gabriella, she waved to people on National Day on November 19th. After the latest revelation, all people now just look at their belly and wonder – is she pregnant or not? The Palace has not commented on the rumors so far.

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