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Thin face therapy for swollen eyes and dark circles

Speaks with skin and hair and especially with hands. Hands are beautiful with long narrow fingers and fine skin. Undoubtedly, Natalie Franz, a 41-year-old beauty entrepreneur and star makeup artist, is an attractive woman. Born in Kiev, she was only 14 when she came to Cologne with her parents. She was in ballet class: "But I would have to go here to Munich alone. I couldn't speak German. It was too much of a cultural conflict." So the teenage girl went to school and that's when her second great passion came about: beauty. Just as her mother, herself a ballerina, lived through her with rituals of care and stage dreams in makeup and styling.

Natalie Franz: Harper's New Beauty Column

Natalie Franz studied at a state cosmetology school, became a makeup artist and soon worked with photographers like Karl Lagerfeld, Ellen von Unwerth and Steven Klein. Models like Christy Turlington believe her as well as music industry stars including Lady Gaga and Taylor Swift. Today, Natalie Franz lives in Hamburg with her husband and son and is constantly on the lookout for the latest products and trends in the world. In Japan, many years ago, she discovered a small transparent sidewalk that opened her gaze to Schlupflidern. It works, it was her first thought.

And second: I want to perfect it and bring it to the market! Three years of top-quality research and manufacturers have spent three years, and then it was: the launch of their cosmetic company Magicstripes, now represented in 19 countries. Now Harper's BAZAAR beautician is finding out where she was, why, why.

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Thin face therapy – a beauty trend from Russia

"If someone looks particularly good, ask in Moscow: 'Have you been with Olga Moroz? "The Aesthetic Doctor's Clinic at Grizodubovoy Street 1a is the hottest address. Their slogan is:" The greatest beauty is nature! "Okay, you might just shake your head and think: Oh Russia, snow queens with chapped lips … But yesterday was snow ! Jeunesse Dorée Today it is smart and modern. Plus, Olga Moroz says, "We don't have cabbage-sized lips," he's even an expert at removing too many Inlets.

At the moment, international clientele treatment: Thin face therapy with a mesotherapy drainage complex developed by her that removes excess fluid in the skin that appears on the face as Puffies emissions. The reason for this is known: too much salt, alcohol, too little sleep, stress, fluctuations in hormones. Therapy also removes the small accumulations of fat in the lower third of the face, which form messy pouches, the overall goal of the treatment: the restoration of the & quot; young triangle & quot ;. Depending on the type and age, three to five treatments are required, with each unit costing between € 500 and € 600.

This is how thin face therapy works

The first part takes place two days in a row. And this is what happens: a hypoallergenic herbal complex cocktail and a vein enhancer are injected into the skin, and the batch is tightly wrapped and rewound after two hours. The next day, her face is heavily massaged. Success is striking, skin glows, less swelling and dark circles, skin firmer, contours clearer. Even narrowing of the nose (increases with age) can be achieved by method. If you ask me: Best anti-aging and truly non-invasive alternative. "