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Youthful complexion: So It-Girl Paris Hilton stays fresh

Paris Hilton, 38, dismisses any suspicion of cosmetic surgery. The hotel heir cultivated his image like a Barbie doll that made meat. She found a new celebrity image shortly after the millennium and paved the way for popular heirs with her reality show "Simple Life," including her good friend Kim Kardashian (39). Optically, there is Paris seemingly barely changed. But only their good beauty routine is to blame, as the 38-year-old assures.

"Everything is nature to me and I am very proud of it," she said Paris Daily Mail, He owes his beautiful appearance to his mother Kathy Hilton – and not just because of good genes. "My mother always told me to avoid the sun and how important skin care is", the blonde revealed. She pretended to be obsessed with cosmetics. When she was eight, she used sinfully expensive face creams.

there is now Paris own cosmetic series. Being fit visits to a plastic surgeon are certainly not in the picture. But even with only temporary agents like Botox or Filler Paris reportedly no experience. She has never used something like that, she said at the 2018 BeautyCon New York.

Paris Hilton in March 2019 in Beverly HillsGetty ImagesPicture gallery button
Paris Hilton in March 2019 in Beverly Hills
Paris Hilton in May 2019Getty Images

Paris Hilton in May 2019
The owner of the Paris Hilton Hotel at a festive party in Los AngelesMEGA243453_006

The owner of the Paris Hilton Hotel at a festive party in Los Angeles


No, she definitely did something, she just doesn't admit it.


Sure, everyone can look that way, taking good care of themselves and their skin.

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