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Farmer Seeks Wife: Sad Love Out! Customs: "It's a friendship for me"

The big reunion at RTL's dome show "Bauer sucht Frau" follows with many surprises. Bitter baskets are not enough, as is the case with candidates Thomas and Carina.

The great mix of all "Bauer sucht Frau" candidates is always a very special moment. Revelations, love statements or sometimes even very big dramas await the audience. Today's meeting (December 2) is no different on RTL. Which one of the farmers says after this episode, probably the first thing: interruption, back and forth in single?

Also Anna Heiser once participated in "Bauer sucht Frau", where she found her great love. In the following video, he presents his new hairstyle:

Farmer Seeks Wife: Sad Love Out! Customs: "It's a friendship for me" 2

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Love RTL farmer Thomas

Milk farmer Thomas (27) and his Customs (24) do not seem to have good news when they meet again. Thomas in particular said in a season very early that he had found the right person at Customs. After a romantic kiss at sunset, many viewers hoped to end up in a lasting relationship as a happy couple. After all, every farmer wants a happy ending! And Carina didn't seem to mind, she even believed that Thomas could be the dream man. But then everything changed. At least for Customs, as revealed by the big "woman looking for a woman" reunion leader Inka Bause (51).

Customs gives "Bauer sucht Frau" basketball to Thomas

Although the two saw each other again after the trial week. But more than that did not come. "He just didn't warp on me," the 24-year-old admits, breaking the heart of a sympathetic farmer. Because Carina pushes behind this one sentence that probably no lover wants to hear from her chosen one: "To me, it's friendship."

The young farmer cannot hide his disappointment, but he does not want to blame his chosen one. What else is left to him? Of course, more can develop from friendship. Whether Carina is willing to keep in touch with Thomas, but she has yet to show. Their statement about the big meeting on RTL sounds for a clear line under the heading "Bauer sucht Frau" and candidate Thomas.


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