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Build muscle and burn fat

At the same time, gaining muscle and losing fat sounds like a major reward for any strength athlete. To do this, follow these rules

FFor mature bodybuilders, time is strictly predetermined: first comes the week, if not months, of the muscle building mass phase. This is followed by a longer definition phase for fat loss and the detection of strenuous muscle. You don't have that much time? And patience surely not? You do not have to. Take the shortcut that goes here:

What physical processes occur during muscle formation and fat loss?

2 different: Generally, your metabolism must be in an anabolic mood for everything that has to build up in the body. To fully enjoy this uplifting feeling of muscle building, your body needs extra energy in the form of nutrients and protein during training. Well, even when something breaks down, the mood turns catabolic. This happens about 90 minutes after exercise. Unfortunately, the body is not limited to bacon. In the catabolic phase, it also gains muscle strength in the form of nutrients.

A little fat, a lot of muscle - no one has to hide with this body

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A little fat, a lot of muscle – no one has to hide with this body

Where is the problem with muscle building and fat loss at the same time?

In the state of nature. To build muscle, the body needs more energy – more calories. In order for fat to break down, the body must force a lack of calories. How could it go at the same time? The question is justified, especially since anabolic and catabolic processes are accompanied by hormones that interfere with each other.

Is concurrent muscle building and fat loss even beneficial?

All of which makes you feel good, right? Seriously, you can't put the word "at the same time" too high on the gold scale. Both processes cannot proceed in parallel (see above). Therefore, the classification applies to a particular stage, for example 3 months. And then, among other things, it depends on your status quo how concurrent construction and dismantling can be. If you are already in top shape and have a low body fat percentage, the effect will be smaller and take longer. For (re) beginners in strength training or in men with high body fat percentage, success is shown more quickly in the mirror.

Preparing to eat before eating gets you closer to the goal of "more muscle without fat"

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Preparing to eat before eating gets you closer to the goal of "more muscle without fat"

What can I do to gain more muscle and lose fat?

Before you begin, first remove the scale from the apartment. Because fat loss has nothing to do with less weight. You can easily gain weight by lowering your body fat percentage. After all, muscles weigh more than fat. You should now know that your metabolism can be influenced by training and nutrition. Although you will never be able to stop the interaction of anabolic and catabolic processes, at least keep it at a level favorable to your goal. The trick is how and when you train and what and when you eat.

How should my fat loss workout plus muscle mass increase look like?

Hart. Put on a few reps – 6 to 12 are ideal – and a lot of weight, which leads to muscle failure. The greater the stimulus, the more positive the muscular balance. Exercise on an empty stomach if possible and in any case give up carbohydrate intake in advance. Otherwise, the body uses carbohydrates for energy, not for the fat stores you want to get rid of.

A lot of protein, a little carbs = a lot of muscle, a little fat

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A lot of protein, a little carbs = a lot of muscle, a little fat

What things do I need to keep in mind when it comes to nutrition?

Time. Interval fasting can help you lose fat and lose muscle. It is best to set up your workout so that you have your first meal of the day. This gives the body energy from the outside and does not have to pull it from the muscles. And yes, you train on an empty stomach. If you can't, afford a protein shake with a minimal amount of carbs before your workout. Even with this approach, you cannot avoid reducing your energy intake. Save about 15 to 20 percent of your previous calorie intake to reduce body fat more and more. First of all, focus on protein-rich foods and lots of vegetables.

Conclusion: The goal of building muscle plus losing fat takes some time

It is possible to build muscle and break down fat. However, this is not a parallel process, but an effect that occurs over a period of time. The key to this two-way, two-way success lies in tailored nutrition and training.

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